KDE Frameworks 5 and KDE apps

Maybe I misunderstand you

Apps react to their own errors and of course to errors in the system!
That has always existed, also (and especially?) With MS Windows.
For years or decades, programmers had to ‘work around’ ‘errors’ in the system so that software could and would remain functional!
In the Haiku forum I read again and again about old and well-known mistakes. Partly ten years old, some maybe (up to twenty?), Maybe even from BeOS times?
The longer you wait to remove them, the more difficult it becomes to fix them.
Willing users who want to port software may despair and give up or turn away!
The prerequisites for porting software that also works ‘afterwards’ should be as optimal as possible.
However, an incompatibility of hardware or software (including drivers!) Can also be responsible for the non-functioning of an app.

Talking is cheap, why don’t you head to HaikuPorts and help? Many of the porters have no developer background, you can do more than you think if you want hard enough and if you presistent. Memorizing that 5 or 6 command is not that hard. We also can help you. Also tutorials available.


Often thought about it, but rejected again and again …
I am no longer the youngest and where others have short-term memories, there is a hole in me!

On an Olivetti M20, I used BASIC under PCOS to write a small program with which I could calculate the length for heating strips.
Complete calculation for any number of rooms on any number of floors and more.

Eumel (Extendable Multi User Microprocessor Elan System) was developed by the Society for Mathematics and Data Processing (GMD) on the Olivetti M20 especially for training purposes.

Then I wrote some learning programs for my children on an Olivetti M10 (portable) because there was nothing useful on the market!

Maybe I should ‘dive in’ again …?

If you want to develop in BASIC for Haiku, look into YAB.

Count me in, heading slowly to 60 (58 this year), no knowledge of developing languages, but still able to create a recipe at haikuports :wink:


wow… you have good spirit… keep it up

They are. @3dEyes test his ports quite a bit before pushing them to repo.


Would it be possible to add an option to the qt port settings to disable tray icon support? I have severall qt apps that keep making tray icons and every single one of them is useless, i woudl much rather remove those entirely if possible.

Isnt it triggered by the localized foldernames setting?