KDE Frameworks 5 and KDE apps

It’s bug in my gstreamer port (most likely). Blinken use phonon4qt -> phonon -> phono_gstreamer_plugin -> gstreamer ->.haiku output plugin -> mediakit !!! Aaaaaaa!





This is huge. I’ve tried it briefly, although it’s not smooth as the Haiku Terminal, it surely will play a big role in attracting more technical people.

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I feel like it would be better building one just for Haiku since it would be better integrated into the system.

Although, supporting other platforms’ apps would be a big bonus too. Maybe we could implement some sort of system framework the apps could communicate with and then port KDE Connect etc. over to Haiku and integrate it with that framework.

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What are significant benefits of Konsole over Haiku Terminal?

Nothing fancy - just another terminal now available in Haiku.
An essential plus of this port is its integration into other KDE programs. Now, for example, the terminal is working in the Kate editor


It’s a full-featured terminal emulator. Occasional terminal user wouldn’t find much, but for power users it has profiles, tools for monitoring and manipulating input/output etc.

And what exactly does this console do? Does not look so special to me now?

It’s a terminal emulator. Like Terminal.

Pk, looks like Windows 3.11 :wink:

You know the Konsole is the window frame itself, not the content, right?
The blue thing is midnight commander, running in Konsole.

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Not really. You are probably looking at the wrong pixels :joy: Don’t look at what is inside, that is some file manager (Midnight Commander). The terminal emulator application is the stuff around it, basically visually just a Window with a menu. Inside it runs a shell. On Haiku this is bash by default, but could be anything else.

Haiku has a terminal emulator, too. It is called Terminal, and looks basically the same (less menu items, though):


A possible workaround for bugous TUIs like mc, which doesnt work well with Terminal.
Ideally Terminal should be fixed.

This could help to get the Octave GUI working.

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GUI plots are not supported?

Octave cli freezing when graphics plot enabled

I am compiling octave right now

Sadly failed to build Octave 6.1.0 with cryptic errors.

Good day,

I tried before to get Octave GUI compiling on Haiku, as it’s one of the apps I use when doing Gamedev. Success on that matter was equal to zero, I have no knowledge on C, make, or whatever. I followed the steps provided at Octave’s website to compille from source expecting that something would come out as Octave’s GUI is Qt based. But that lack of skills and knowledge kept me from achieving anything but headaches and frustration. :face_with_head_bandage: :face_with_head_bandage:
So I decided to put this task aside to learn more about Haiku before grabbing the tiger by its tail again.

It would be a nice addition to the list (I mean, Qt software available on Haiku’s list) though.


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