Java Haiku native app


when haiku has become enough to handle java applications (new jre added during 2018-2019). is it possible to publish own applications to a repository, even if they are completely Java-based and join the haiku development at this direction?

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Of course I believe there are already 3rd party repos with Java applications being hosted…


Yes, there’s at least Ancestris I know, which for now is repackaged from the official binary, but it’d be nice to have an official HaikuPorts recipe for it so we can keep it up to date easily.

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Read this too late …
… but there was already great Java software (at least 150 and including Ancestris):

… and Ancestris11 (nightly version) works from the original package for Linux (but also MacOS) with a double click!
Thanks to Korli for reworking OpenJDK (V8 + now V11 are optimal for Ancestris)!
There remains (among other things) this old (known) error: