Issue that I found while compiling a port

I’ve been working on compiling a random port on two separate installs of the latest Beta1. ./configure is where I’m baffled. On one box, it configures past checking for libxml2 just fine. This is where it chokes on the other box. The only difference between the two is that on the box that works, libxml2 has a link in /boot/system/develop/lib to the original file in /boot/system/lib.

I’m certain this is a clue to ./configure failing on libxml2 for me. Yes, I tried creating a link in /boot/system/develop/lib on the box that fails. For obvious reasons, creating that link failed.:wink:

Install libxml2_devel for the right architecture.

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I don’t see a devel package for it. That’s the other part of my confusion. Both are the same arch, x86_64.

Devel packages could be hidden in HaikuDepot (check a menu). Otherwise use the cmdline: pkgman install devel:libxml2

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That fixed that… now if there were a devel package for iconv, that would squash my other configure conundrum.

you can install with “pkgman install devel:libiconv”

I already have that active. This particular program is having trouble finding it. iconv (not libiconv) is in /boot/system/lib, but not /boot/system/develop/lib. The configure option for pointing to it is not working. Same option didn’t work for libxml2, and that fixed by installing in /boot/system/develop/lib

I was able to start compiling. ./configure --without-iconv worked.

Have you checked the haikuports, maybe there is a proper port for your stuff.
Friendly notes: in the future, if you want to get relevant help, you should share the name of the software, maybe there is a known incompatibility, or its configure script does something strange, linuxy thing.

Nope. Hasn’t been ported. Or it was previously ported and has been pulled. I’m actually getting the help I need so far. I’m just familiarizing my self with the process and some haiku idiosyncracies (the system folder, god I miss BeOS) at a snail’s pace. I was able to bypass iconv in the configure script. Already settled one of the compiler errors during the make step. Once I get a bit further I’ll release a porter recipe.