IPP printing over CUPS

I’ve installed Haiku in a shared space because I think it is a good system for the usecase we need. I’m currently setting up the printing stuff. We have two printers connected to a tiny server which runs a CUPS server that shares the printers over IPP.

Under Linux, a printer utility finds a printer under the address
and is able to properly set it up.

However, when I enter the address under the Haiku printer settings, it shows the HTTP error HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request, and when removing the port it cannot connect to the IPP server.

On the server CUPSd listens on ports 631 and 632

Is there a way to set up network printing under Haiku using a CUPS server?
Thanks in advance

What shows the error, Haiku’s own driver?

Sounds like we may, well, be sending bad requests. Likely that needs a bug report.

Seems to be the case, it fails at init_transport

I’ve tried to run wireshark (I don’t really know how to use it properly) but it marked an outgoing packet as malformed, it’s the Get-Printer-Attributes (0x000b) package

haiku uses guetenprint and does have lpp support iirc. works with my brother printers


Yoh could set up your printer’s CUPS server to accept a JetDirect connection on port 9100.

Then in Haiku print prefs: PCL5 ->JetDirect → Printer IP.