Imagining BeIA-like concept in 2020

As is Haiku Alpha 4.1 or a tool called by that name? I remember someone had a script that unpacked everything, but I haven’t managed to find that thread again.

What format this SDK installer in? Is it SoftwareValet .pkg or something else?

AFAIK you can do it manually:

  1. Copy your /system folder to another bfs partition
  2. Delete everything in system/packages you copied except for haiku_loader hpkg
  3. Boot from this new partition

@Diver there are a number of packages. One is a Software Valet package file, but the rest are zip files that need to be unzipped on the root file system to unpack properly

It is the last version before packagemanagement added. It is like beos, all folders like beos and many old apps are running.


That the filesystem is now broken so horribly in Haiku makes be quite annoyed. Most glass elevator type ideas have gotten rejected over the years for similar bad choices and or just being too different it’s a shame nobody listened to the voice in the head saying no this is a bad way to do things.

Id even argue that the current packagefs setup is WORSE than what NT5+ does with UAC.

What ideas exactly?

Mentally healthy people don’t hear voice in the head.

What is wrong in UAC?

If you are just going to nitpick why did you bother posting… UAC broke alot of things one windows XP and 7 and continues to do so on Windows 10 (new applications just work around it). There is a whole archived email list about the glass elevator if you can’t be bothered to read it I can’t be bothered to repeat anything here.

That’s nonsense or do you read everthing aloud… and think aloud wow!

Now I dare you not to post any further off topic nonsense in this thread.

Actually i hear my own voice in my head while thinking. But i never said i am sane.


I don’t think /boot/system existed in BeOS, right? So what are the .zips trying to do here that would run into packagefs folders?

boot/beos/system in beos is correct

And it is writeable.

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Beos are writeable in every folder

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I meant the problem CANNOT be the read-only /boot/beos/system… structure as it is possible to create this folder structure, so the reason why it cant be installed must be something else.
Please do not explain me that in BeOS every folder is writeable as i know it well, i used to work on a BeOS distribution back then.

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Considering BeIA SDK, it is nothing strange that it not run properly in Haiku, because it is private unpublished software and it may use undocumented OS features. It is not useful by itself because it can’t be freely distributed and contains no source code. But it has historical significance and can have interesting architecture solutions that can be used in new software, for example Binder like scripting support can be added to WebPositive.


Please do not complaint about my sharing my thoughts in any topic that I like where it is RELEVANT… you are off topic.

BeIA is like the antithesis of packagefs… as it made the hole system read only and reduced install footprint and memory usage.

I dont think they had any reason other than getting the whole os onto a idk 32mb compact flash card, but i never really dived deep into the BeIA stuff other than building an own image with the SDK years ago and playing with Wagner on R5.0.3, but it was already too old that time to be useful. Also i was not part of its target audience, i think.
Neat ideas were there, but we know what happend. Did i missed something great?

I find it fun, because BeIA’s cfs is even worse than packagefs in terms of making the OS read-only.


Ah yes… OS in rom is less read only than packagefs … also this is my last post, I’m sick of wasting my time here. Congrats on making design choices that drive users away, as well as generally being disagreeable about it.

Good decision. If it’s any consolation, you didn’t just waste your own time, not by a long shot…