If only I think that a single bitcoin would be enough

if only I think that a single bitcoin would be enough to give a nice acceleration to the development of HAIKU, I would like to have the timemachine to be able to grab about twenty bitcoins and then keep them for a good ten years … :joy: :joy: :joy:

Speaking of that, why not create a cryptocurrency system related to the development of HAIKU in some way ?
For example, I really like the system that the odysee guys created with cryptocurrencies and a useful service to people.

Really don’t think that Haiku needs to have its own cryptocurrency. Bitcoin can already be used for donations and making a Haiku-specific cryptocurrency would prolly just take development time and resources away that the project needs for more urgent tasks.

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Not necessarily a new cryptocurrency but perhaps by linking to an existing one, I just threw a pebble in the lake, to see if there is the possibility of stirring some waves in this sense, any idea or possibility is open.
I am not referring to having bitcoins as donations. I’m talking about "something different which should be thought in an intelligent and ingenious way ", which puts “HAIKU development” in the crypthoccurrency market

Personally I am strongly against cryptocurrencies due to environemental impact concerns. If Haiku goes this way I will probably leave, and find something that doesn’t destroy the planet for no reason at all.


I fully understand your point of view, but there is not only bitcoin as a crypthocurrency, bitcoin was the first “experiment” and probably the least perfect one, but there are a lot of other currencies that are emerging and that are eco friendly. I mean, I’m not of the opinion that the bathwater should be thrown out with the whole baby. There are people who are already taking steps to find solutions to these environmental problems.

Another reason to not do it: we are not a bank. We are a project writing an operating system. Why the hell would we need to develop our own cryptocurrency? It is a waste of time, money, and energy, for no reason (we are perfectly happy with the other ways we receive money here).


I just don’t see how that is possible, the basic premise is flawed, and your article is hardly convincing.

I work in the waste disposal industry, I certainly wouldn’t want to associate with a project in my free time that did something like aupporting crytocurrencies. Just my 2 cents

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it is just one of the many articles taken online, the biggest problem of the environmental impact of bitcoins and not of many other cryptocurrencies, is the mining system to find these increasingly difficult and expensive bitcoins to extract.

I’m sorry, maybe my message has been misunderstood, it is that I know projects that have accelerated in development by associating themselves with a value as a cryptocurrency, in more traditional terms they would be like a sort of stock market which then in buying and selling increasing in value, the method is more or less similar in the cryptocurrency market, now I don’t know how to best explain how it works, it would take a cryptocurrency expert to explain how it works better than me.
Nothing to do with the banks or anything else.
From what little I know Anyone could create “their own cryptocurrency” with a few clicks of the mouse, the difficult thing is that they then gain value in the cryptocurrency market

I tend to agree that there is no reason to associate ourselves with cryptocurrencies in any other way than possibly accepting donations in them (which I think we already do.)

This being largely irrelevant, I don’t think we need to spend more time discussing it.