Ideas for GSOC

Hello everyone I am Syed Souban a CSE student aspiring to participate in GSOC 2019. I want some suggestions for creating GUI applications from scratch or improving current applications.

Improving WebPositive is one thing in my mind. Apart from that I want some suggestions from the community regarding projects that can be developed. For example something like a Calendar app which was made from scratch in GSOC 2017.

Hello and welcome!

About the GSOC 2017 Calendar App, there is the repo. There are some open tickets for fixes /improvements:

And if you want some other ideas, you can check this link:

One thing to consider and which goes a little against the grain of modern application development.

Is that the BeOS and therefore Haiku’s philosophy is to build small applications that you use together to perform the task at hand. BeMessages can be passed between apps etc… that is much less refined on other OSes.

Improvements to how replicants work might be an interesting area to work on. Having more of those would be cool…

Being able to run Greasemonkey scripts in Web+ would be cool, taking that further, being able to make Web+ a replicant, and using web+ scripts to make desktop applets by scraping and reformatting it into something that makes sense to display on the desktop…

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I would like Web+ allow a setting to disable autoplay on videos. Videos use bandwidth and are not needed in most news stories.


Thank you for showing interest in Haiku.

I hope you would like to continue with the calendar app and add caldav.

I would also like to see a good Contacts app with Google sync and carddav. Perhaps even the possibility to do LDAP search…

Perhaps a frontend to handle these features with our native People attributes files. This idea would compliment the following mentioned by cb88.

We have a very unique and powerful system that has a lot of potential to be innovative still into the future. The classic monolithic app paradigm prevalent in other OS’s is rather bloated and outdated. Haiku still has the unique opportunity to show off it’s underlying architecture. If the simple, lean, yet powerful Unix CLI were made into a GUI, Haiku would be it.

Haiku’s API is nowhere close to seeing it’s full potential. It has a simplicity and robustness still not seen elsewhere in computing today.