Icons and screenshots in Haiku Depot

When looking through the applications in Haiku depot some of them have an icon and sometimes even a screenshot, but many do not. How are those icons / screenshots managed? Is it possible to add both to apps in Haiku Ports?


Iirc in haiku depot web

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Indeed, you ought to have editor rights there to be able to upload icons and screenshots, though.

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Ok, that makes this clear, thanks for the answers.

To be more concrete: I would like to have these details set for https://depot.haiku-os.org/#!/pkg/picard/haikuports/2/1/3/-/4/x86_64

Who can I bug about this? :slight_smile:

There is currently an issue with HDS server that prevents it from importing information about new packages from the repo https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/14717

Hopefully, @kallisti5 can look into it.

UPD: this seems to be fixed now.

This is about new packages. picard is clearly in HDS (@phw linked to it!) so someone with editor rights needs to just sign in and add said icon and screenshots.

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Me. :slight_smile:
If you can upload the (hvif preferred) icon and screenshots(png) somewhere, I can add those.
From the related GCI task wrt screenshots:

The window should be made as small as possible while still looking nice. It should show a typical/interesting state of the app.
Pressing the PRINT key opens the Screenshot app. Use “Capture active window” and “Include window border” to avoid having to crop the screenshot and preserve the transparent area to the right of the yellow title tab. It has to be pixel-precise, i.e. make sure you get the complete window and don’t cut into it or include pixels of the background.

For such one-off (or few-off) submissions, granting all necessary rights might be overkill. So people just posting into the forum or the haiku-depot-web mailinglist should be OK, until the “curators” miss it…

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@humdinger Thanks a lot. Here is the icon:


And a screenshot:

Please add screenshot which includes window title.

@phw as @Diver mentioned include the window tittle :slight_smile:


Here we go: https://transfer.sh/y879q/picard-main-window.png

Thanks, phw. I added another screenshot of the settings window.
For my taste, the description of the package is lacking a bit and the summary isn’t really conforming to what we use in HaikuDepot (the summary shouldn’t repeat the software name, as that’s a separate field).

I can create a PR for that to the recipe, if you don’t prefer to do that yourself just now.

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Please do :slight_smile:

Done. Once the buildbots had their way with it, it’s ready for the Picard download page. :wink:

32bit: https://depot.haiku-os.org/#!/pkg/picard_x86/haikuports/2/1/3/-/6/x86_gcc2
64bit: https://depot.haiku-os.org/#!/pkg/picard/haikuports/2/1/3/-/6/x86_64


nice but the download links do not work… pls check… them

Hence the “Once the buildbots had their way with it…”
Buildbots are still busy with qt5.

Builds have completed and are available. I will propose to get it on the Picard website (actually I already have prepared the changes), but likely we will only update that for the next release of Picard 2.2.0 (hopefully soon in September) anyway.

Is there a URL that would always point to the latest version? I tried to experiment with the URL a bit, but could not figure out whether the full version info is needed or not.

Short version of the URL https://depot.haiku-os.org/picard always points to the latest version.