I Suggested for the Discord Team to Make an Official Discord Client for Haiku

Basically exactly what the title says. I went on Discord’s suggestion page and suggested for them to make a native Discord client for Haiku

Update: I also went to the Brave Community website to suggest a native Haiku port of Brave Browser


Personally I would prefer we stay away from the Brave browser, from the reasons highlighted here: Stop using Brave Browser - by Corbin Davenport

(yes, some people here will call me woke and leftist for this again, so: this is my personal opinion, do whatever you want).

As for Discord, there are problems with using it for Haiku development: Please don't use Discord for FOSS projects but I guess that doesn’t prevent having a client for other uses.


Are you sure that first one is the right article? It reads like an advertisement for brave.

As for woke/leftist, I don’t think those are the same, and people using that as an insult don’t know what it means either. (almost any european “centrist” political opinion is preceived as left or far left by americans, but has nothing to do with woke by itself)

In any case, I’d rather this forum just stay away from it : )


Ah, someone tricked me by stealin the title. Well played! I have put the link I meant to use now.

Man can warn people about risks to use such software but, I don’t think that you can reliably prevent them to do it if they really want to. Although, if all developers having a good knowledge of Haiku are staying away, it will indeed make things difficult.
Brave developpers will more likely say that it’s a no go because the engine has no Haiku port but, if it was happening anyway, it would be a third party software and I’m not sure that the licence would allow to put it on Haikuports. It would probably require its own depot or that they publish a download link for a package.

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I don’t see it like that. These software are more or less closed sources even if they are using open sources libs. This means that part of the port has to be done by the company and knowing nothing about Haiku, they would look for help of a developer who already has this knowledge.
Independently of opinions man can have about them, the less we can say is that these projects are controversial. Involving yourself in such port, you pick a side. This can be acceptable for random developers, as they will only engage themselves but; for an Haiku main developer, it will also appear as an endorsement of the project and import the controversy in Haiku. Haiku really doesn’t need that and so staying away is the safest move.


Honestly, that article discusses many concerns that go beyond just the things a stereotypical ‘woke/leftist’ might care about. For example, the fact that Brave was caught adding affiliate codes to URLs users typed into the address bar should be a disqualifying factor for everybody, as should the partnership they had with former crypto exchange/famous scam FTX.


I was banned immediately in Discord after registration without any chance to write anything. I do not think that thing with such stupid policy is suitable for Haiku communication channel.


I can’t trust and use such browser as Brave that sell user private data for cryptocurrency. They even promote it in AD (best anti-advertising ever).


Ripcord is a good slack and discord client written in c++ with qt. We could ask the author for a haiku build? Ripcord: Desktop Chat Client

If you absolutely must use Discord, the web client should work fine in a fully-featured web browser. I hope nobody will waste their time writing a native client.

Do you read the quote from the guy? I really don’t see the hate. I think we can all agree to let people have their opinions. I have worked with all sorts of people in my life, and I feel the same way. You can not agree with someone’s beliefs or actions, yet still treat them with respect and wish them well in life. People throw the word hate around too often, and it’s usually the hateful people trying to make everyone else’s actions about hate.

That being said, the brave browser is much nicer than Chrome on MacOS and Windows. I wouldn’t “trust” any browser, so make it a point of not doing anything I wouldn’t want shared.

Nicer than the worst invasive adware browser is hardly a high bar. Although, I still wouldn’t use brave. ; )


I’d rather have a client that has Discord’s multimedia functions

A native client would be nice, though

Not sure what multimedia functionality discord has. Ripcord supports calls.

If there is a native client available that has the functionality you need then I don’t see why you would possibly want to use a web client. Ripcord is written in C++ and Qt, and resource use is much much lower than the web client. But then I only use it for text chat so the bar on my requirements is low.

Well that is true. Nicer than Chrome isn’t saying much. I previously used Firefox as my main browser, but I think I prefer Brave at this point, even though I am used to Firefox’s user interface. (even though they keep trying to copy Chrome in that regard). But I have had not had any complaints about Brave. The “Speedreader” setting is a nice addition. The menu bar gets to be kind of busy, but easy to remove annoying icons. Brave Search usually points me to what I want, and is much more effective than DuckDuckGo. They give you a quick “Search with Google” when you can’t find what you are looking for.

I don’t see any reasons to complain about Brave. Especially since if you are used to Chrome (most people are) then it’s easy enough to find your way. I am not sure if they will be helpful with a Haiku version, considering that they don’t seem to care any more about older versions of Mac and Windows than Google’s Chrome does.

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I highly doubt Brave on Haiku is ever going to happen.
Brave is based on Chromium,and Chromium couldn’t care less about anything that isn’t Windows,Linux (including Android) or MacOS.
Patches from the community to make it work on any other OS,like FreeBSD for example,are completely ignored by the upstream Chromium projects.
The BSDs maintain huge patchsets that need to be modified with every Chromium release to make it work anyway,but I hope no one from the Haiku team is going to waste so much time for literal spyware.
That being said,even on FreeBSD where Chromium runs with their own patches,there’s no Brave package in the repository: FreshPorts -- Search
Maybe we can get Firefox to work soon,there’s an amazing work-in-progress to make it happen,and Firefox does accept patches for smaller OSes upstream.
Nearly the same thing is true for Discord as well,it needs Electron which again needs Chromium which means it can’t run on Haiku without huge patchsets.
And considering this article,it’s much better not to have it anyway: Discord — Spyware Watchdog (the browser version at least can’t spy which programs you have opened…)

Discord.io is unaffiliated with Discord itself. Per that article:

Discord.io is not an official Discord site but a third-party service allowing server owners to create custom invites to their channels.