I Suggested for the Discord Team to Make an Official Discord Client for Haiku

I’m honestly surprised someone who has closed down many forum threads due to flame wars would publish such a biased article.

Davenport is hardly an unbiased author as one can see from his other posts.

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Discord is widely used by gamers to chat, voice chat and screen cast. Very interesting in this sector, currently for haiku, useless as we don’t have a gaming community.

Something like that is definitely 3rd party and should be left out on the part of haiku.

All browsers collect data and who knows who sends how much where. the firefox is like an open barn door because everyone can see the source code and use this knowledge against the users. Therefore, many administrators are of the opinion that it is safer to use the edge browser, even if microsoft is behind it. However, they have a responsibility for security in order to remain interesting for companies.

I am for freedom of speech and stray against directed statements and always look at everything from all sides.

Everyone has to know for themselves what they want to use and assess the risks themselves

The only thing I would wish for is that haiku be made safer.