Huion gt 191

i noticed when it comes to products like these there’s no support for it in linux, will haiku drivers and a pen collaboration tool to get my drawing monitor up and running?

This is the best with free operating systems: you can try it and report back :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried using Haiku with a drawing monitor, so I can’t say for sure, but it might work… I think to add to what @extrowerk mentioned, I would probably say rather than merely trying a Nightly which might not have the touch add-on your device needs, I would suggest to try to grab the latest Haiku snapshot from GitHub and compile it (or at least the add-ons in this folder): and from there, see if Haiku is working with your drawing monitor.

i’ll see what i can do :slight_smile:

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Good Day,

I also have a Huion, but is a digitizer, not a display, and on Linux it works quite well. Only buttons don’t work. But pressure levels do.

I tried it on Haiku too without success, even it does not appear in the list of USB devices.

With the Drawing display you have two issues:
1- the digitizer (handled by the USB connector)
2- multimonitor (handled by the video input, DP, HDMI, VGA, depending on the model)

The “easiest” part should be the multimonitor setup. Though I never got my laptop to work with the laptop screen and an external monitor (VGA out), some other users have, so there you might be able to use it as a second screen.

Regarding the pen input… As I said before, and if I recall correctly, pen input is not yet supported. I also tried Haiku on an Asus tablet, and though it can be used there (just as a laptop), no screen rotation and no pen input either.
I also tried pen input with an old Wacom A5 tablet without success. The Huion I own is the WH1409.
As far as I know, on Linux both use the same wacom driver. There are some “utils” to make the buttons work on Linux but I haven’t tested them.

There is already a ticket about this pen input stuff I filed.

I presume pen input will improve with time, but at least, the last time I tried it was a no go on Haiku.


thanks for the info, i used a command to get it collaborated on debian testing xinput map-to-output 17 VGA-1 which does work, but when you restart your laptop it doesn’t save it. and it’s not spot on. for me ubuntu is done simply because no ubuntu based distro wants to support 32bit which is really upsetting, so debian is the way to go.

I would expect the opposite, as we have a driver for wacom tablets (complete with pressure support, handled perfectly in wonderbrush for example), but multiple displays would require a video card from the 1990s as we have no modern driver implementing that currently.

This is dependent on the laptop model. Some laptops only mirror the display. Some will do a true dual display. Does this work in OtherOS ™? Some laptops may not be supported for external monitor as of yet in Haiku.

Good day @PulkoMandy ,

As I´m going to use the pen tablet soon (on Silverblue), I was checking it on Haiku as well, and it looks like with the Wacom Graphire4 A6 plugged in the USB port there is no way to boot Haiku, there is always a jump to Le Cinquième Élément after the rocket and when the blue background comes up during the boot process of the installer (for hrev54282, I couldn’t boot with any other, until I thought about unplugging the Wacom :crazy_face:).

This is one of the things I would like to be solved with the Beta 3, if possible (along with the KM switch).

Actually, I never got the Wacom working, and the Huion, half way. Will test the Huion this weekend if have free time to do the testing.


PS.: Le Cinquième Élement: Korben Dallas, Leeloo

I tried booting haiku beta 2 on my laptop and it only get a black screen, once I disconnect my huion gt 191 from my laptop it boots into the desktop.

@lordmmx and @roiredxsoto, I believe I have a patch that will be merged in soon that will hopefully (fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:) fix your problems:

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Looking forward to test it @CodeforEvolution, as some other thing you are dealing with too :wink:

Will report if that patch solves my Huion issues.


Thanks mate can’t wait x3

My change has been merged in now! :grin: If you are using a nightly version of Haiku, just update to the latest version to test out these new changes.

hope it works now.

any links to those nightly builds?

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Thanks mate;)

i just tried nighty build hrev54459 same issue with my pen screen.

Great work, my Wacom (Model FT-0405-U) tablet works now!
… what about your (Model) findings?