How to install mp3 encoder 0.1 and rip Audio CD's with it on Haiku?


How do I install the mp3 encoder 0.1 for BeOS 5, found:

And to rip Audio CD’s with it (probably with MediaConverter)


mp3 encoder was recently enabled in ffmpeg. So you should get at least there. Not sure about MediaConverter, maybe it’s already working or it needs to be whitelisted.

A little bit old tutorial but i hope it will help you


Or check haikudepot to install them

Hello. To rip Audio-CD and encoding it in mp3, you can install freac. It’s a graphic suite to rip and convert between audio formats.

Probably you also will need the LAME encoder.

Both of them are available at HaikuDepot.

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Yes, I had installed freac and ripped few audio cd’s to flac.

I want to encode them to mp3 using the mp3.encoder 0.1 mentioned above and not lame.

How do I do that?

Besides freac, I also have Audacious.

In BeOS days, you could mount an audio CD and drag/drop the audio files to disk (PCM wave file), then encode with MediaEncoder. It was great since it worked flawlessly with any CD, even those not mountable by main stream OS’s (piracy concerns).

I haven’t had a PC with optical storage for over a decade, so dont know if this still works on Haiku.

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It does, yes, via cddafs.


I had installed the mp3-encoder 0.1 from BeOS 5 by this manual:

MediaConverter doesn’t shows the encoder, freac also, I have qmmp which has a conversion plugin with options to insert custom commands and command encoder.

So can I do it with qmmp and custom commands somehow?

Is there any software from BeOS 5 that works on Haiku for converting Audio CD’s and other music files (ex. flac’s) to mp3 with mp3.encoder 0.1 from BeOS 5?

Didn’t try but maybe gogo / GoGo Gadget ???

For me, mp3.encoder 0.1 is better than the others.

Sorry could not find or download via pkgman or HaikuDepot.?

You’ll find it at /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/file_systems/cdda. It’s in a default Haiku install.

We used to provide “TunePrepper”, but it KDLs on audio extraction (using cdda-fs) for some reason. As others have pointed out, you’re probably better off using cdda-fs directly : double-click the audio CD to expose the songs as WAV files, open a terminal there, encode the pseudo WAV files into mp3 using your favorite encoder, be it lame or gogo or whichever.

I can use custom commands to encode audio files to mp3 with qmmp.

But which commands do I need to use for mp3.encoder 0.1?

I had typed mp3.encoder in terminal and I had recieved invalid command or something like that.

I thought most of these KDLs were fixed? Are there any still remaining?

TunePrepper was a different topic, I closed most of its tickets as “will-not-fix” altogether when we stopped that project a while back (radio stations don’t really use Audio CDs any more, so it didn’t make much sense keeping it in our product line, especially with the time constraints we are dealing with on other stuff). I propose closing this one too, but it would be bad etiquette doing that myself since the ticket is owned by scottmc : #4246

Anyway back to this discussion : using cdda-fs directly should do the trick. Please try that! Though the UI vs CLI aspect is still up for discussion I guess