How do I make a perfect 3ivx or divx dvdrips on BeOS 5?


I want to make a perfect 3ivx or divx dvdrips on BeOS 5 in a manner of ~698mb or 1.36Gb split by 2 ~698mb avi files.

Also I need to make sure that when the video from the dvd is cropped, the aspect ratio is correct as in the original video.

So I’ll need a birate and aspect ratio calculators.

Videos should be deinterlaced with a sharp (no blend) deinterlacer (on windows I’ve used Bob deinterlacer), some may need to be a detelecined.

Audio file (AC3 probably in most cases) should be converted to 2ch mp3 128kbps with BladeEnc and merged to the avi file. Many dvd’s have a + or - audio delay in ms. So the audio should be de-delayed.

Another thing I need is a tool to rip subtitles and a tool to translate subtitles to another language.

Also I’ll need a tool to scan and crop/cut/correct the dvd cover from scanner.

I’ve been reading that VideoPro is best for converting videos to divx and probably 3ivx. I haven’t tried it though.


Please stop creating an own thread for each and every questions. Try to understand this is not a BeOS forum, possibly nobody can help with your really specific questions. For most of your use cases there is just no solution on BeOS, and never was. Please stop.


HandBrake was developed for BeOS at first, give it a try.
The 0.7.1 release is available on bebytes, and the official github still has the 0.7.3 source if you want to compile it yourself.

The Haiku forums is the refuge for BeOS users nowadays, but bigbanana69 should put all his questions in only one thread instead of creating a new one every time, it would be better for readability.

And browse to the archived versions of forums and the original bebits website for, most likely you’ll find answers or software you need for all your multimedia needs.

Also though - why not give haiku a try? Most BeOS software should work, and using it is almost identical, just improved!


If you create one single thread for all these queries, the old BeOS users here may be able to help - but remember you are asking for information for a 21 year old operating system and often looking for software that is basically impossible to find or support. The vast majority of users have long since moved to using Haiku; and those still using BeOS are generally doing it for specific reasons,

In this case, Handbrake is the only solid all in one solution. You could use it to rip to a single file MPEG2 file and use the vlc command line or an ffmpeg build to re-encode and split but absolutely nobody is going to be able to give you support there.

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Exactly. That is the question.

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@Munchausen Haiku is very similar to BeOS 5 - just -some things- are changed from BeOS 5. The original BeOS 5 is better, just it is for older PC’s and another thing is that Haiku has avaliable new software, which is not for BeOS 5 (for ex. Dolphin - gamecube emulator and Flycast - Dreamcast and dramcast-based emulator). The original software for BeOS 5 is better though.

But newer systems have more RAM, better processors to emulate something. Then the host system have more resources, things need to run better at all. I never like to emulator anything at be and zeta time in the past.

What original software is “better” than what works on Haiku? And in what way?

@Sebrof there was software made originally for BeOS 5. Most of it is freeware.
On Haiku you have a lot of ‘new’ opensource software. I think that a lot of BeOS 5 software also works on Haiku.
For example CL-Amp is best audio player for me, better than the others.

The list of which of the BeOS 5 software is better than Haiku’s may vary, depending on the person that uses the computer.

Btw Haiku as I’ve been using it, “is same as BeOS 5 - just some things are changed”.

On the other side, there’s no Dolphin and Flycast emulators and some other programs for BeOS 5, which are newer.

The point others are making is that Haiku is compatible with BeOS, so the old BeOS 5 software you are mentioning should work (as long as you run 32 bit Haiku). And if it doesn’t that’s a reason to file a bug and have it fixed in Haiku.

So using Haiku you could be able to use the old software, with the added benefit that you use a newer operating system, with support for additional software and a lot of people here being able to give support. Sounds like win win to me :slight_smile:


I use soundblaster 128 pci. BeOS 5 has excellent drivers, Haiku has opensound driver for it which doesn’t works well.

As I wrote previously, Haiku is the same BeOS 5 just some things are changed.

I’m looking forward for Pentium III 550MHz PC which is perfect for BeOS 5.

Older computers like PIII were made better then the newer dualcore high in GHz.

I’m not sure if you remember Teac CD-DVD writers. They were using heads instead of lasers for reading and burning CD’s/DVD’s. They were expensive, but one Teac RW should last at least for 10 years and a lot of CD’s or DVD’s would be burned with it, for sure :slight_smile: .

You should be able to take soundblaster driver from R5 and use it in Haiku then.


@Diver from what I read Haiku can run BeOS 5 programs, can run drivers from R5 and all…

How do I install the sb128 driver on Haiku, I think it had a install file, which is copying the driver files to some path on BeOS 5, but not on the correct on Haiku?

Also how to install BladeEnc mp3 encoder from R5 on Haiku?

On Haiku you should be able to use ~/config/non-packaged directory, it has a bin, lib … directory structure where you can put the needed files?

I may switch to Haiku

@Begasus you mean to use ~/config/non-packaged directory for installing BeOS 5 drivers and libs (like bladeenc mp3 encoder)?

@Begasus please read this post

In short previously I had tried to use CT5880 driver from BeOS 5 on Haiku and I didn’t succeed, will it work now?

and this

Aug '20
I had installed the mp3-encoder 0.1 from BeOS 5 by this manual:
Manually install system files
MediaConverter doesn’t shows the encoder, freac also, I have qmmp which has a conversion plugin with options to insert custom commands and command encoder.
So can I do it with qmmp and custom commands somehow?


I have no experience in using BeOS drivers in Haiku, why can’t you use ffmpeg for mp3 encoding?