How To get Started with Contributions?

Hello, I am a beginner and I am interested in contributing to Haiku.I know C++ git and GitHub but I don’t know now how to start please can anyone helps me

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There are links on that may be helpful on the Haiku webpage

I think this would be a good place to start… Getting Started | Haiku Project

Ha! Got there first with the same link!

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Hello everyone! I’m a budding developer trying on open source projects to build my skills and also am intrigued by the concept. Any guides or ways I can find the projects and start contributing on them. New to open source (in terms of contributing) so I would love if someone could help me down the way if possible.
Any help would be appreciated!


Hello there!

I guess it depends a lot in what you enjoy doing, because you can do things like:

Where to start will also depend on what you already know (what programming languages, are you familiar already with tools like git and sites like GitHub, etc, etc).

For general docs regarding Haiku: Documents | Haiku Project

For development docs: Development | Haiku Project

In particular:

And so on and on… :smiley:

Hope it helps, and happy coding!

Don’t hesitate to ask questions here or on IRC… we generally don’t bite… much :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the friendliness of the community xd. Bookmarked all pages and hope I could help the community :slight_smile:


Thanks to all for helping

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I face problem in these steps what should i do.

You need to replace <login> with your gerrit username

Thanks For helping it works.

please can you help me with next step.
I am trying to install jam

but it shows me

what should I do now

If GCC is installed properly, try make CC=gcc but if it isn’t you’ll have to install a C++ compiler of some sort. If you’re on Linux, using the latest stable version of GCC should work.

I installed gcc compiler then it shows me after writing “make CC=gcc”

and then I move to the next step which is

but I found this one →

what should I do

(other info = (I am using Windows 11 but I already installed WSL for windows))

There may be other dependencies missing if GCC wasn’t installed. Also when Jam failed to build, the rest couldn’t succeed either.


One other thing: don’t confuse 32-bit and 64-bit codes. Windows has a 32-bit emulation layer for 64-bit versions of the operating system. Linux doesn’t nor does Haiku at this time.

Then what should I do now?

Have you considered developing under Haiku? It comes with the dev tools installed…

Does it mean I have to install all thing in the haiku environment?

You just need to clone the haiku code. If you want to work on the OS itself.

I have its source code.I only have to compile it