How to get packages into the 'Depot?

I ported and gradually update Ghidra for Haiku. It’s mostly a Java app with some C components. I’d like to have it in the Haiku Depot, but haven’t found how to make that happen. I’ve made and posted a package file for it, available on the Github releases page.

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You should create a build recipe for HaikuPorter and submit it to

See and the existing recipes. Maybe look at the recipe for other Java tools in the depot.

Awesome, thanks. It wasn’t clear (to me, at least) that Haiku Ports was required for Haiku Depot.

It is not, actually. You can host your own repo and announce the url somewhere. Users can then add your repo to their systems. There are a few public repos other than Haikuports (BeSly, etc).
But submitting a recipe at Haikuports is probably the easiest way.

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