Ghidra for Haiku


In an effort to learn more about Haiku and Ghidra, I’ve created a Haiku port. It’s now usable, so I’ve uploaded my code to Github and provided a binary release.

Ghidra is an open-source software reverse engineering framework written in Java. The project needed tweaks to make the build environment and project aware of Haiku, and to edit the C-based decompiler to compile on Haiku.

Dependency: OpenJDK 11.

Known issue: It can’t analyze Haiku ELF files, since it seems to think they’re iOS apps, and this makes Ghidra crash and burn. But I was able to test it out with OSX, Linux, and Windows executables to ensure it works. There are probably other bugs in there too, let me know if you find any.

Trying to install to HDD; Expand BeFS?