How many Haiku users are there?

I saw this piece of information in the site above.
Is there an official Haiku tracker that can tell us how many
Haiku users there are?
Maybe from the downloads of the .iso ?

If you downloaded nightly once, you can update forever, repos are staying the same. You can count accounts on Trac but not every user has one and some are inactive for a long while. Of course, it is the same thing for forum accounts. So, you may get an approximation but there are no reliable method to count users.

I don´t think there is one. It´d be quite challenging if not impossible to get reliable data.

Yeah, impossible I think. One could make a guess from:

  • number of downloads
  • number of forum users
  • distrowatch ranking

HaikuDepot asks to collect anonymous data when you first start it up after installing; does anybody know what this data is or where it goes? Maybe this data could be used to determine a more reliable user count.

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Yes, but how do you know how many users chose “No” to sending these data?

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No, but it would still probably give a better number than trying to guess based on Trac or forum accounts.

This is a bad idea. This data should only be used for package statistics. The feature was controversial enough as it is.

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There are three Haiku users


How many Haiku users are there?

less than 3 million.
i guess.
maybe the question should be “ how many people download haiku iso (current+release)”

OK,my guess is right.

Traffic & Engagement Last Month

Total Visits 85.1K

I am the 4th user in the increasingly inaccurately named Haiku users trio. :wink: SCNR

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(anyhow, acurate counts arent really obtainable, we dont count them at all)

No accurate counts, but these forums show there are at least a few hundreds of us or so? Do we need more?

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why not?
so, what is the number of download?

We are more than 100 user for sure!
The others are developers of the system!

Hi; When a user views a Package more than momentarily, the HaikuDepot client will call back to HaikuDepot Server (HDS) to inform it that there was a “view” of the Package. HDS increments the count and in-memory retains a fingerprint of the user to avoid quick-fire repetitions, but HDS does not store who viewed the Package so that the data is anonymous. This data would not be useful for counting the quantity of Haiku users and there is no means of recording off-host if the answer to this question from the HaikuDepot desktop application was “no”.


You could get a rough estimate by looking at the number of unique IP addresses connecting to the update servers (SoftwareUpdater). This would both under-read and over-read: Some people may not install updates and multiple people may be behind the same IP address. On the other hand, some people will have dynamic IP addresses and therefore will appear to be from a different address each time.

They’d balance out to an extent, but I wonder how big the “swing” is in the real world.

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But what do we gain from this knowledge? Why would we need to spy on our users?


There will be more people who download it to try it than who actually install it, even less who actually are using it daily - I have it installed on one of my machines, but it isn’t in daily use, it’s still more of a curiosity O/S for me. :wink:

Do you also count the number of Haiku installations? (running around 5 laptops, a few virtual), do I count for 7 then? :rofl: