How does the Zeta operating system go in 2024?

What’s it like using Zeta in 2024 as a daily driver? I never ever used Zeta even when it was coltish. I assume it’s a lot closer to BeOS than Haiku in terms of software. Is the web browser situation abysmal? I assume it’s hardware support is similar to BeOS ie. really crap. Does it only run on prehistoric, custom-built, tower desktops and 1.3 laptop models?

It’s BeOS with a few bells and whistles… It’s far from capable of being a daily driver today.

I use ZetaOS daily. It is installed in my retro PC (Gigabyte GA-6BXD, dual PIII 800Mhz, 768Mb RAM, Diamond Ultra Tnt2 32Mb, SB Gold with 28Mb, 3Com network card, and other bells and whistles.

I have slowly shifted usage time to Haiku…to test my productivity and capabilities. Haiku has more current software and others that do not exist for ZetaOS.

Yet, I have been using ZetaOS since version 1 and it was my daily driver for most things I needed to do. For example, I can rip my DVDs with DVDRip software in Zeta but its hit and mostly miss with DVDRip in Haiku.

I still like using Productive for the initial creative stages where I will migrate the project files into StarOffice 9 or LibreOfice to polished up.

I use Zeta mostly for music or videos…processing, consuming, or using.

For web, I use Seamonkey for surfing or googling and email. Seamonkey (like other browsers of its day) suffers from security shortcomings that most web pages contain. But, for most parts I regularly visit and read known sites for news and updates.

Your problem is finding a platform to run ZetaOS. Good luck.


I didn’t know there was DVD ripping software. Now that might be a use case for me if it eventually gets better on Haiku (I’m struggling to find a serious use so far). You won’t be using 4K@60fps vids on that retro PC will you? :wink: So, you’re using Seamonkey’s e-mail component. Cool. I remember making a website with the Composer component at the turn of the century. Fin de Siecle. I was about to ask if there is a Zeta installer kicking about somewhere so I could play with it in a virtual machine but you’d probably need a registration key wouldn’t you?

Blue-ray technology came out at the tail-end of Zeta…about 2006-2007. So Zeta software would not have incorporated that new tech…too new and it was not ubitiquous until much later.

If you like Seamonkey, Thunderbird and Sunbird work great too. Wish these were in Haiku…one day. :wink:

When Goodwill or similar places have sales…like CDs 4 for $1 or DVDs, I buy them, rip them, convert them and add to my Kodi library. Wish Kodi could ported to Haiku…that would be a killer app for multimedia/home theater PCs.

I love both OS’es!!

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No, the browser I want on Haiku is LibreWolf…(or maybe WebPositive with Container Tabs and cautious default settings).

That is a healthy attitude. Use what works in the niche where it shines.