How do I use BeControlLook and FlatControlLook (and their decorators)?

They’re in the source tree, and I’ve run jam on them which appeared to build them into the image, but they still aren’t there in the appearance settings. I can’t find them in HaikuDepot either. How do I use them?

Aren’t they in the haiku_extras package? If so, you could find that in HaikuDepot.

Otherwise, jam will not add things “magically” to the image when building them. You’ll have to add them to haiku.hpkg (using a rule like AddFilesToHaikuPackage) and then install the updated package.

Or, if you’d like to try on your currently running installation, you can put the built decorator and control-look into non-package, e.g.

Careful, buggy decorators/control-looks may crash your app_server… :slight_smile:


i have similar question, i want this (ControlLook):
GitHub - s40in/HakiControlLook: HakiControlLook for HAKILO and Haiku
and this (Decors):
GitHub - s40in/HakiDecors: Haki Decarators Pack for Hakilo or Haiku OS

i must have full sources of haiku, and its posible to compile with 32bit build of haiku?

maybe exist this package in repo but i dont know about it.

They are on Hakilo repo (see this thread) but be cautious, as @humdinger said above control_look and decorators can cause a crash immediately at apparition of the Desktop.

You can also just build it via jam ... haiku_extras.hpkg and then install it, in addition to the methods @humdinger noted.