How do I mount a samba share?

I have a SAMBA share on my local network that I would like to access from my HAIKU computer. I have searched for information in the forums and on with no luck. Does anybody know how this is done or is it still on the do-do list for HAIKU?

It looks like we do have a samba package now under x86_gcc2

Not sure about it’s usage though. @PulkoMandy might have more info.

We do support NFS however with the mount_nfs command. If you’re attempting to access files on a NAS it seems like the best way at the moment.

I installed the samba package from haikudepot, and can list the samba share with smbclient, I just cannot mount it.

There is a way to access Samba shares until the SMB client is fixed - use mucommander from Guest One’s repo.

It’s a midnight commander/dopus like two paned file manager in Java, but it has support for SMB locations to copy to/from.


Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

It would be nice to eventually have these show up in the Tracker as network volumes. :slight_smile:

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I tried mucommander, but it will not connect. :disappointed:

That’s a shame - I use it all the time, but perhaps it’s because I have no password for accessing the share.


I got it to work! I was using the wrong workgroup name. This router sets its own workgroup for sharing files from its usb port. Whoot!:sunglasses: