How close to Beta?

I know there’s the roadmap ( showing 97%, but after Haiku’s Lunduke interviews, LibreOffice 6 port, and other exciting things which have happened with Haiku garnering excitement with the system/project, how close is Haiku with its first Beta, exactly?

I wish more talk of Beta, or at least little re-assurances of ‘when x is up’ or ‘when y is finished’ could be talked about more, as I am genuinely curious (and I think others are too). Haiku is reaching its 16th birthday in four days, and around this time this year, the Beta was being mentioned around then as well. I’m sorry I can’t do anything low-level (which is where everything matters) to get Haiku to this point personally, so please understand I don’t mean to complain as Haiku has made excellent progress, but again, with 08/18 coming up, how close are we to reaching Beta 1?

Does anyone know? Even if its just a guess, like ‘before January’ or ‘once a server is up’. I’d love to post about it if there’s hope for it coming soon. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Dates have come and gone on Beta estimates, and I am not in the know at all, but be a watcher rather than an participator for it. And watch Fuchsia as well…

97 was 6 years so do the math.
Add or take some years :wink:

I have been holding off saying anything because so much has been said before and nothing came of it … but we are very, very, very close. As in, the strings freeze might be a week or two away, and everything else within a month of that.


According to the road-map, there are only 9 active tickets to close…Hopefully, no regressions will arise from dealing with these tickets.

Remember you promised Bryan “weeks”. :stuck_out_tongue: So stick to that. I’ll sleep extra hours for you if I have to, just stay awake and push that beta out. :rofl:

Haiku is approaching Beta (much like a train from Paris to Vladiwostok has been approaching Vladiwostok since its departure from Paris)

Actually it’s the 17th birthday.

How can we be more precise than “97%”? That’s all we have to track progress, so your guess is as good as ours :slight_smile:

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How do you figure? Haiku was created in August 2001. This means its first birthday was in August 2002, and its sixteenth birthday will be in a few days. Birthdays are a form of anniversary, they happen only in years subsequent to the original event.

PulkoMandy has this correct and I apparently don’t remember this is 2018 rather than 2017.

Actually, PulkoMandy is correct - Haiku will be 17 on August 18, 2018.

One easy way for me to remember this: my youngest child turned 17 earlier this year and was born in 2001.

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2018 - 2001 = 17

Sometimes I get confused with this a little (about whether 2001 itself is being counted), so I just count step-by-step like this:
2001 - 0 years
2002 - 1 year
2003 - 2 years
2004 - 3 years
2005 - 4 years
2006 - 5 years
2007 - 6 years
2008 - 7 years (add 10 years to get 2018 - 17 years)
2009 - 8 years
2010 - 9 years
2011 - 10 years
2012 - 11 years
2013 - 12 years
2014 - 13 years
2015 - 14 years
2016 - 15 years
2017 - 16 years
2018 - 17 years


We’ve come a long way baby…

A blast from the past:


This is what OBOS aka Haiku looked like in 2002

incase the image doesn’t appear:


Off-by-one error strikes again :wink:

I guess I didn’t count 2001 in there; I admit to the ‘off-by-one’ error too. :slight_smile:

But in going back to the original topic about the next release, I always am appreciative of the monthly logs showing what has been happening to the Nightlies in the background. Those offer so much hope. And I have to say this definitely encouraged me: :smiley:

I think it’ll be a really exciting day for the project when the first Beta does arrive… hopefully, from the time frame given, I’m hoping for sometime this fall. (Though I think I can even say along with others here that even if it’s in time for the holidays, it’d still be awesome!). :slight_smile:

But whenever Beta arrives, go Haiku! :star2:


Your screenshot doesn’t appear :frowning:

looks like is having trouble finding the image … look here:

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I just found this:


Yep. I need to make the blogpost…


Good day,

Wish beta will run on Ryzen 2400G… :slight_smile: so can start some project there :wink:


Ryzen systems work; they just need the EFI loader I think? Anyway, I don’t expect any major bug-fixes between now and the beta if that’s what you’re asking, unless @kallisti5 suddenly decides to be extra motivated… :stuck_out_tongue: