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@lelldorin: let me fix stuff upstream and provide New Binaries. It is already patched downstream. Works ok.


A fixed version is available on the Retroguru Website: http://www.retroguru.com/hermes/, and as recipe in Haikuports.
Please Test it and report back.

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Hermes goes Bandcamp. Finally you can hear the bleeps from the new Sega Dreamcast / Nintendo DS / Wii / Amiga OS / MacOS/ Windows / Haiku / manymanymore Platforms Game Hermes by Retroguru also on Bandcamp.

All tracks are handcrafted 4-channel-Amiga Mods entirely written by Johan Letfors aka Vedder and Roland Voss aka Triace.

If you want the Audio CD of the Soundtrack including the Dreamcast, Windows, MacOS and AmigaOS Versions, visit the Dragonbox Shop.

This album is for “name your price” aka for free download, donations are highlywelcome though. By download you’ll not only get the 11 Tracks of the CD version, but you’ll get another Bonus track only available on this download page + a continous Mix of all the tunes of the game.

And hey, this even ain’t all: You will get all the mod files as a bonus so you can even watch it in the tracker on PC or your old and trusty Aaaaaaamiiigaaaaaahhhh :slight_smile:

And now enjoy the bleeps and keep the scene alive.

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Guys, we need help!
The Sqrxz 1-4 ported and works already, but the games have no icon yet and i don’t like to release them without a nice icon. Can somebody create an icon for them?
It could be the same icon with different colors or a small number somewhere what indicates the variant.

Thanks and best regards,

@extrowerk Hermes is also a “Fast pixel formats conversion library”. It’s annoying to have a recipe with the same name for something else.

See https://repology.org/metapackage/hermes/versions

@korli: we can rename hermes to retroguru_hermes. Agree?

Miqlas, sure. I don’t think any package exists in a Linux repository.

Kojote suggested we should use hermes_game as package name. Is anybody against it?


Is there a chance of more games from the retrogurus? Any progress?


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If someone will port the giana sisters game of retroguru in the future, i have create a icon for it. Let me know.



Would really be fine if someone can contact the retroguru guys and port some games. They are closed source but free to help porting.

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I wrote to the man behind reteoguru. You are looking for someone to help you port, but for a longer period of time.
Who can help?