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Greetings everyone,
it’s my first post here and actually tried to avoid registering, but well :slight_smile:
I am part of an international team creating video games. Our games are usually digitally free, unless we create a physical release, which is usually sold at self cost price to cover our expenses.
We made nine games so far and would love to see these on HaikuOS too.
Even furthermore it would be great to have one skilled person interested in this task on a longer base. Unfortunately there is only fame, but you would really bring few quality games to Haiku.
Our games are located at retroguru.com
If anyone wants to need more, please let me know.
Kind regards


Hi and welcome!

Thank you guys for the diehard oldschool games, i just today started to look around for New porting Task, so i just take the opportunity to dive in.
Lemme report back to you with a statusreport later.


hi miqlas,
the games are NOT open source, but certainly we are willing to give the source code away for the purpose of porting them.
i still don’t feel very comfortable making them open source, as we try to use our know how to make more games. after all it’s an engine compiling on 15+ systems. i guess when we are sick of this project, the chance is high we make it really open source, but that should take a while :wink:


Hi Kojote,

thanks for the info, i just promptly visited your webpage, it was not clear to me, that they closed-source programs.
I still can look into it if you can provide me the actual sources, and i can send back the patches, or something like that.
We can the created binaries upload to the Depot to make it available for everybody.

Best Regards!


hi miqlas,
can you spot the e-mail adress on our page and write me directly please.
do you have the possibility to communicate via whatsapp (text), icq, irc, jabber?
what i can tell in advance is, that we use cvs (yes it’s old, but almost every system has some sort of cvs client, so it’s comfortable considering we support so many systems already).
as we don’t know each other, it might also make sense to build up a trust base talking about each others projects.
have a nice sunday.


ofc, you can find me almost every day at #haiku channel on freenode.
About me:

Lemme’ know if you need anything else.

Just a short report: i talked a bit with @Kojote, and got access to the sources. After some minutes i had this:


wow :slight_smile: they have cool games there.

I love giana sisters… I love AMIGA :wink:


Is they a way that Civil War Generals 2 can be played on Haiku OS

Will be the other games alwalys portalbe to haiku?

We talked a bit about the future plans, and they would like to have somebody who ports their stuff. So hopefully.


The first RetroGuru game available for Haiku on their official site site for x86 and x86_64 Haiku flavours.
There is already a recipe to let the buildbots package it, but you have to wait a bit more for the packages.

Hermes is available as a physical CD with a comic book too, support the nice devs with some money, as they provides free download for every game for every “oldschool” and new platforms.

A new physical for Sqrxz is also in work in progress state, it would include the Haiku binaries too. Just buy it, as this would be the first commercially available game for Haiku. (The Haiku port is already ready :slight_smile:

It could be possible, that they can include a minimal Haiku installer on the CD, or as a separate “give-away” disc, so be sure to order it as soon as possible.

Have a nice gaming hours, and try to catch that damn chicken!


Nice game, but not playable with the keyboard? I can trund but i does not know how to jump.

Just check the options, there is an option “use up to jump” or something like that.

I know that, but to change this setting does not be saved and i need to do that every time i start den game.

Now the first build for Haiku is out, can we add your game into our software repository?


Sure, go ahead. But I belive miqlas want’s to fix the bug with the configuration saving first.

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Yeah, im on it…

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Any chance to get the giana sisters clone to work on Haiku too?

I want back a running euae port