HiQDock ... New Dock coming soon


just a word of caution in you’re not familiar using the MacOSX dock, then please watch my video to get an idea of how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDqlDc1r-nM&feature=youtu.be


I added the repo and am looking forward to trying some of your other programs. I set my new dock to vertical on the left side of the screen, and it’s working very well, with one exception.

I would like to use the hide function, but it takes three seconds after the mouse hits the margin for the dock to appear.


@LaneLester thanks for trying and thanks for the feedback. Regarding the slow re-appearance of the dock after mouse-enter, it’s probably an issue with how long it takes to grab a screen shot on your hardware


ah-ha! here’s the infamous transparent window hack finally revealed :smiley:

nice idea. Hardcore devs are going to kill you for that, but I think it’s really a nice trick. +1 (until native switch, then no more :wink:)


Does it capture the entire screen or just the portion that the dock will be covering?


not optimized (captures whole screen) :frowning:

I was always hoping that this hack version of my HiQDock wouldn’t be released and window compositing would be ready first … but since that didn’t happen, I wanted to release it anyway with all the issues… maybe it will drive interest in bringing window compositing to reality (hint to @waddlesplash and @looncraz )


I want to point out that the dock is the worst piece of UI in the system. Was introduced just as a demo and it is still there…

IIRC there was a more recent article of D. Norman that I cannot find, but I found this from the TOG:


The most terrible behavior is that the position of the icons change if you have the zoom enabled.


I have installed and have HiQDock working…haven’t spent a lot of time on it but it seems good to me!

Thanks very much hey68you… and also Leidorin


I only create the package and put it online. Thanks to hey68you.