HiQDock ... New Dock coming soon


just a word of caution in you’re not familiar using the MacOSX dock, then please watch my video to get an idea of how to use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDqlDc1r-nM&feature=youtu.be


I added the repo and am looking forward to trying some of your other programs. I set my new dock to vertical on the left side of the screen, and it’s working very well, with one exception.

I would like to use the hide function, but it takes three seconds after the mouse hits the margin for the dock to appear.


@LaneLester thanks for trying and thanks for the feedback. Regarding the slow re-appearance of the dock after mouse-enter, it’s probably an issue with how long it takes to grab a screen shot on your hardware


ah-ha! here’s the infamous transparent window hack finally revealed :smiley:

nice idea. Hardcore devs are going to kill you for that, but I think it’s really a nice trick. +1 (until native switch, then no more :wink:)


Does it capture the entire screen or just the portion that the dock will be covering?


not optimized (captures whole screen) :frowning:

I was always hoping that this hack version of my HiQDock wouldn’t be released and window compositing would be ready first … but since that didn’t happen, I wanted to release it anyway with all the issues… maybe it will drive interest in bringing window compositing to reality (hint to @waddlesplash and @looncraz )


I want to point out that the dock is the worst piece of UI in the system. Was introduced just as a demo and it is still there…

IIRC there was a more recent article of D. Norman that I cannot find, but I found this from the TOG:


The most terrible behavior is that the position of the icons change if you have the zoom enabled.


I have installed and have HiQDock working…haven’t spent a lot of time on it but it seems good to me!

Thanks very much hey68you… and also Leidorin


I only create the package and put it online. Thanks to hey68you.


…should have said that I installed to 64bit, R1/B1…only real problem is the backgound at boot up, shows a blue square over the ‘real’ background.
One click on the dock makes it go away but…


I love the dock in Mac OS and I am definitely fine with something similar in Haiku if the look-n-feel is at home.


I think we should steal the best features from the other OSes not the worst…

As already suggested by @PulkoMandy there is Lauchbox bundled with Haiku and in the depot LnLauncher and DockBert.


LaunchBox should remain with Haiku… it at least gives people some utility if they don’t discover things like LnLauncher.


I would love to see spring loaded folders myself :slight_smile:


As this dock is a 3rd party app, this isn’t an issue. People that like it install it, those that don’t don’t.

Never having used a Mac, I’m not familiar how it exactly works, but did read a paragraph about it after websearching the term.

Haiku already has something that seems to be similar: Grab an icon and hold it over a folder icon. This triggers a drill-down-menu with which you can navigate down the hierarchy until you find the right subfolder, where you can drop the file to copy/move.
Important: you have to drop the file onto a folder icon; if you drop it on some file already in the folder, nothing happens.


I was speaking in general, in the forum there are request for features that are bad design…
Mac is devolving, I hope we don’t do the same implementing solution without a clear idea why we need them.


I imagine it is important to have these discussions because clearly many people here feel it is important to maintain a Haiku feel about things…I do too! This is similar to a mac dock but really the icons retain the Haiku look and feel.

Docks are probably a bit ‘old-fashioned’ but I like this one on Haiku and I think it’s a keeper for me.


I’m still waiting for the “speed of thought” brainwaves dock… I was promised this by the Firefox movie and feel very let down that it hasn’t arrived yet… (Only half joking…)