Help with creating an Icon for an application

Hi there!
Is there someone there who would like to create an Icon for my HaikuStock application? (.hvif)? (Free of charge). I coulnt find Wonderbrush (I am on 64-bit version of Haiku) and I am not an artist.

Its both a regular application and desktop replicant.


Check Zumi’s iconset, maybe you will find something:

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Some useful examples:

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Icons are created with Icon’O’Matic, not with Wonderbrush.


I gave it a try and came up with this:

The I-O-M file is at

Feel free to alter as you like. I hope you come up with a nicer name than HaikuStock… :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, looks good! Any name suggestions? “Stocks”? Maybe its descriptive enough?


I think “Stocks” is sufficient for a name.

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Since your app is the first in this field for Haiku, you can pick the most descriptive and obvious “Stocks”. Everyone after you will have a harder time. :slight_smile:

I’ll just throwing these out there, go with what you like best of course:
Stox, Stoxter, StockTicker, StockInfo, StockWatch, StockMeter

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Stocks, Stox, Stoxter, StockTicker, StockInfo, StockWatch, StockMeter

I think best if you try to name your app accurately as possible what and how your app do it’s work.


As for the icon, I don’t have an Haiku machine at hand but I would use different colors for the graph line and background. Maybe a blue or red line?

Icon is cool. How would it look if you did the arrow in green instead as green often indicate that the price is going up. Or that you make the arrow go down and then use the color red?

Here’s the icon with a slightly improved shadow and a green arrow. I also added some vertical/horizontal lines for icons > 16px for detail:


The area under the arrow is semi transparent, so its colour depends a bit on the background. I opted for a neutral grey instead of the arrow colour.

The new I-O-M file is at


Thank you! Looks awesome :smile:

If it were me, I’d go with ‘TickerTracker’. The icon looks good.

I prefer app names like Weather, People and Stocks



Thanks guys, I decided to rename it to “Stocks” without quotes. The updated Icon looks awesome!.

What’s your real name Humdinger? I want to include you in the credits (About), and on the Github page!

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Give it a wooden background and call it WoodStock :wink:


I updated the repo name as well.
Here it is, for the brave ones.

Just open a terminal in the root and type make.
I will make sure it ends up some how in HaikuDepot in the not so distant future.

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Well, maybe if someone writes a health app they can use “TickerTracker.”