HELP WANTED: R1/beta2 boot & hardware testing!

Hello everyone,

Well, things are a little behind schedule as usual, but here are two test builds from the R1/beta2 branch:

If you have time, please test these on whatever hardware you have, in as many configurations as you can, and fill out this survey for each one (and of course, if you run into any bugs that you have not before, file tickets in addition to reporting it in that survey.)



Note that these images are not release candidates, as they lack the final set of software, source packages, and a few other items that will come in due time. But it is not expected that any kernel or driver changes will be merged after this.


Do you want testing if only booting from USB (not instaling)?

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Yes, that’s perfectly fine, though please make sure that the built in hard drive works with Haiku (or not) while doing so.

Hi, i burn both images on seperate DVD and if i want to boot haiku i get following errors.

x86 gcc2



Regards Lorglas

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If this is the same machine, then that’s not surprising they are both the same. Please file a ticket.

awesome, can’t wait to throw this at any machine I can find:)
Is it ok to tweet this or do you want to keep it here in a selected group? (also saw the announcement on reddit)

I already did tweet about it (and that was retweeted from the official Haiku account, too.)


sounds like a great opportunity for me to put my asinine sized horde of laptops, desktops, and random odd motherboards and graphcs cards to use.

tested 6 systems only with USB-flash-drive no burned CD-R(W)s … mixed results … put 5 into the survey (6th failed because secure boot) … maybe you add 2-3 questions to the survey

  • boot-media-typ (flash drive, optical, both) and interface (usb, sata, ide …)
  • remarks/notes (so people can put down some info e.g. in my case one system had network connected but many strange SSL errors on all websites, subsequently I couldn’t test audio via a streaming site or which boot options were needed to boot to installer/desktop)

You can just put those in the “Any other hardware that does not work” I guess.

Most likely this means your system clock is wrong.

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I e-mailed all my colleagues in my company asking for help in testing. We just want to get as much reports as possible I think. I’m not sure how we will follow-up from the form reports however. Maybe we can just put a “more than 80% of the machines we tested with boot Haiku just fine” in our hardware support page or something.

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I’ve also thought about how to process all the incoming reports and build a searchable hardware database from that. I think Zeta had something similar and there was a website where you could search for vendors, models and hardware type.
So basically a mapping from the hardware as seen by users (up to system level, e.g. laptop model) to the HaikuOS hardware info page…

I think the list linked from Computers compatible with Haiku (v3) does this quite well already?


Thanks I knew I was missing something, only found the old one in Trac at

Great project, still, putting all this information in a database/ES instance you can query, also over an API, would be very helpful, as it would open up possibilities like a helper application that runs on first boot and proactively informs the user about compatible but also unsupported hardware or parts of it, saving much head scratching and issue hunting…

I just love that the operating system I use on my modern development machine still works on a Pentium II computer from 1997 with 384MB of RAM.


How it works on it? How long did it take to boot the system? Can you make a video about how Haikiu works on it?

Hey @waddlesplash, should we try to contact computer-oriented news sites like Phoronix, OS News, etc about this to try gather even more hardware testers? A tweet and a Discourse post will gather support within the Haiku community, but I feel we should try to get more users outside of the normal Haiku community interested too as the R1/beta2 release approaches.

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Well, from the results so far, I’d say we have a good amount of diversity of hardware being tested already (and this has only been up for just over a day now.) So I don’t think we need to bother people who are not already following Haiku before the release.