Help about beos

I’m looking for help about beos 5. I have a radar24 is a professional recorder music with a special software into beos. When I boot it, during the seQuence, I go the a kdebug terminal and the boot sequence stop.
How I can perhaps boot in a safe mode or something ? Can I recovery beos with my software ?
I’m not a professional about this king of problem, sorry. Any help would be great.
Thanks you

Pressing space bar immediately after POST opens boot menu where you can choose and tweak some safe mode options. Even then, don’t expect to boot straight away; for example, BeOS had a limit on memory you could boot up with (1 GB for BeOS 5, 768 MB for leaked 5.1 Dano). You may try community-based BeOS Max, it had its kernel patched and will not see more than 1 GB memory, allowing it to boot.

If your situation allows, it may be easier to download a virtual machine image and somehow transfer the ports from the “host” physical computer into the “guest” BeOS.

Have a look here Perhaps you can get an updated version of your software for free.

Ok, thanks for your fast reply. I can’t use a virtual machine because of hardware issues. I will try to use a recovery disk with Linux perhaps. I installed a bfs driver but do you know which soft I can use ? I don’t know if I’d the right method and I can reinstall my radar soft, it was in a beos package.

I contacted them but they want that I buy a new machine…

If I understood well, the RADAR24 is kind of PC with a Celeron 667 and 132 Mo of RAM and a SCSI drive running a custom version of BeOS 5. Default config as a floppy disk.
Do you have an external drive? If yes, can you boot from it?

Btw, the Linux BFS implementation doesn’t support xattrs properly I think, and has no write support, so you can’t really use to get files correctly.

If you can take a picture of what Kdebug says and post it here, maybe someone will be able to decrypt what it says…

I think the Radar24 acutally runs BeIA… not the full BeOS.

Also the software is available here: you can just download it… I think BeIA might actually be in rom or flash on this system not sure? If it is failing to bootup it might actually just be a bad disk. I’d have to poke around it in person to be sure.

When you stick that disk in it should offer to upgrade them… also the release notes indicates the system drive is IDE, so you could just boot up a Haiku system and read the drives that way in a separate PC.

Here is the manual if you don’t have it

It’s more correct to say it is an embedded PC… it can’t run anything other than BeIA from rom I don’t think.


I don’t know if we can fix the OS on the machine itself (it depends exactly what’s broken), but at least extracting data from it should be possible by connecting the hard disk to an Haiku machine. A picture of the kdebug message could help identify the problem.

Where are you located? Maybe someone lives not too far from you and could help debug this in-person, that may be simpler.

It runs BeOS 5, so i’m assuming the boot hdd has a problem.
From the System drive recovery pdf in the support/documentation part of the izcorp website:
To reinstall the system you’ll need the “R24BeOS Recover/RADAR Software CD” if you run a pre 3.50 version of the Radar software, or the “RADAR V or 24 3.50 System Drive Recovery DVD” if it’s a later version.
If you bought the machine new, you should have one of those discs with it.

If not, you’ll need to make your hdd work again, as others said pictures of the kdebug log screen are needed for the loading error messages.

Not sure if the oldest version of the software available on the link provided by cb88 can be used as a standalone install or only to update an already installed system.

Please, make a backup about the whole disk first before you start to mess with it!! Do it right now!

Lets gather some information before we recommend any way, what could cause data loss, should we?

@Camille : have you got the machine already in this non working state? If yes, what said the previous owner/user?

Have you got the complete appliance or had to add some own hw? If yes, what exactly?

What do you want with the machone? Just back it up or to restore it to full usable state?

Have you got any install media?

Yeah not sure either as have never played with on of these directly… its somewhat remotely possible that a BeOS system chopped down for a single system and use might be that small I suppose since it wouldn’t have to include drivers for other stuff.

Are we certain that it is not BeIA or is that still a possibility… or perhaps a hybrid. BeIA fit on a 24MB flash rom I wonder how big the contents of those installers are uncompressed. If it is or not would have a pretty decent bearing on how what the issues could be with the machine.

@extrowerk I don’t have that machine, you probably wanted to link to the OP

They use BeOS 5 and not BeIA:


Thanks that clears that up!

Weirdly enough they use a linux cd to do the recovery for the 3.50 version, and the screenshots of DriveSetup in that pdf have Zeta FS instead of bfs in the initialize submenu…

yes I have a dvd ram :slight_smile:
it’s a celeron 800 with 512 mo ram.
the problem is the hardware with very specific card…

right, It was impossible…

the hard disk crashed definitely…