Help about beos

I need to use the BeIA system with my recorder because of special hardware. I don’t know if the software from izcorp is a update or a full software or the soft with BeIA and the drivers… what do you thinks ? Do you thinks that is would be possible to use a new hardisk and reinstall a complete solution ?

Merci PulkoMandy
I live at France… but the hard disk crashed definitely… so i’m looking for another solution…

exactly… I’m looking for a complete solution now. I have some floppy with previous version of the software. I will try to install beos and the soft. But I’m afraid about other problems like specific drivers and protection software…

too bad, the hard disk crashed before I could do a backup. I bought the machine 20 year and it’s a fantastic converter for sound. I have a recording studio.
I was the first user. I would like to install a new hard disk with beos and the system and try to use it for work …

mmm, I will try to found anotjer users to search this 3.50 version… thanks for everybody in this forum :sunny:

You should try asking Izcorp customer support for a recovery dvd, if you bought the machine new from them they should be able to provide you with a recovery disc.
Otherwise, try to find a forum for audio editing with people who have the Radar24, you might be lucky.

Even if the disk has bad sectors it might still be recovered with some tools like ddrescue, on a linux machine for instance. So depending if it’s still recognized or not there might still be some hope.

Or spinrite from dos since it’s an IDE disk.

In some cases with old hard disks I also had luck with swapping the controller board on the disk with another identical one I had around. It at least allowed me to revover the data in a case where the problem was in the electronics. But I would only try that as a last resort.

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I think sometimes you have to swap the EPROM on the controller also or it won’t work and yeah… very much YMMV. I tried it on a drive I have and no dice.

Hello everyone, I tried to install a version of Beos 5, the only one I found “BeOS 5 PE Max Edition V2.1”, but impossible to burn a cd with this image under linux with brasero for exemple. Do you have solution to burn a beos bootable intall disk ?

BeOS CD-s are multisession disks, probably you have an iso an img and a cue file. You should use the cue in the CD burner software.

But: I tought you got the original restore disks, why don’t you use them? Did i misunderstood something?
I wouldn’t use BeOS MAX, which is an inofficial BeOS Personal Edition (we call it as BeOS PE) distribution with plenty 3rdparty software and drivers, which could make you big headache. And I wouldn’t listen to anybody wo recommends to use anything other than the official restore media.

where did you see anyone mention the original restore disks?

The ones I mentioned are apparently just update disks.

Correct, you have right. If @Camille have no restore media, then a clean BeOS install and using the software install floppies is the correct way, my bad. I misunderstood everything. Sorry.