Hello from the new Haiku website!

Hello, world! If you’re reading this message, that means you’re looking at the new Haiku website. This has been in the works for a long time, but at last it’s finally here.

This is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at https://www.haiku-os.org/blog/waddlesplash/2017-01-20_hello_from_the_new_haiku_website/

And commenting has now been properly set up. :slight_smile: (Although old blogposts haven’t had their comments imported yet.)

The Haiku logo next to the embedded comments on the website has white text on a transparent (thus white) background.

Is there any way to change the embedded logo to use the black text version of the Haiku logo while keeping the white text version everywhere else? Or is there a way to add a background colour for that embedded logo?

Otherwise, it looks really good! :+1:

I think there’s a way to get some embed-specific CSS. Paging @kallisti5 - that’s a Discourse option.

Yeah, It’s on my todo list… the discuss embedding uses the site logo… which is the white version. I’ll see if I can figure out a workaround.

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Good job!
On the front page there used to be a tab for the mailing list next to Source Activity. It would be great if this came back!

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This looks great and your efforts in setting this up are greatly appreciated…

It will take a bit of time for us, the users, to shift from the Haiku website to the Haiku-Discuss one and back as easily and quickly as the browser does. Actually, this feels much cleaner and I like the readily accessible link to the poster’s blog.

Three suggestions (at this time):

  1. On the Haiku website, any blog post which has subheadings shows the first subheading as the last line of the main panel. For example, the December monthly report blog post by PulkoMandy shows “User interface” as the last line in the summary. As the subheading uses the same blue shade as post headings, it invites visitors to click on it with the expectation to be taken to the content behind it. This is not actually the case and is a bit disconcerting. I would suggest to “cut” the summary post in the main panel to the line before the subheading (if there is any)…

  2. There should be a note in your main post mentioning that one needs to click “Read more” to also access the discussion…

  3. At the bottom right of the discussion of a blog post, bits of colored feather are visible which links to the main Haiku-Discuss page. Should it be there as there is already at the bottom left a blue button “Continue Discussion”. Note that on a blog post for which there is no discussion, the bottom right is occupied by a green button “Start Discussion”. There is a bit of an inconsistency in the bottom right which needs to be resolved.

It most likely will eventually, but it’s going to be a huge pain to implement so I haven’t done it just yet. (Looks like there’s already a ticket for it.)

The break location is chosen by the poster by inserting a <!--more--> comment. It looks like that’s where @PulkoMandy placed his, so you get that first heading. (It’s a quick fix to move it up, though.)

Hmm. Adding a “comments” link in the summary might be possible…

Yes, see the first few comments in this thread, we’ll get to fixing that soonish.

I did not place that break! Maybe someone did it when editing to promote the article to the front page? Usually I let drupal decide how to handle things.

Anyway, I’m fairly sure it was before, not after the title. Maybe some bug in the drupal export moved it? In the UEFI blog post from jessicah there also was a youtube video embedded before the break, which seems to be gone.

No, the exporter exported content exactly as Drupal had it, so someone must’ve manually placed it. Hugo can also generate summaries automatically, if you leave out the “more” comment.

For what it’s worth, I placed the break when promoting it (otherwise the entire post is shown verbatim on the front page, Drupal didn’t in any way automate this). However, I placed it above User Interface, not below, and it was correctly displaying on the old site.

Congrats everybody and keep up :slight_smile:

Oh, how about that, it is before the “User Interface”: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/haiku/website/master/content/blog/pulkomandy/2017-01-06_haiku_monthly_activity_report_122016.md

Looks like Hugo processes breaks incorrectly. I suppose I should file a ticket.

People can submit content via pull requests to the website’s github. See https://discuss.haiku-os.org/t/reviving-the-community/4915/6 with the example of a blog post.

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I think that the note “This is a companion discussion topic…” shown at the bottom of a blog post here works rather well.

One thing - all of the old discussions which were previously attached to the blog posts on the Haiku website are now missing.

I remember that some of them were technical in nature and quite informative for anyone considering developing applications for Haiku. It is hoped that they have been archived before the website transition and eventually could be accessed as “documentation/reference” material?

Since there is no link back to haiku-os.org from the forum page, maybe we should open the forum in a new tab:

<a href="http://discus.haiku-os.org" target="_blank">

Yes there is. See the bottom of the original post:

Yes, they’ll eventually be imported here. @kallisti5 is working on it.

Are you kidding?

The new website
looks exactly like the old website

But hey, it is new.
So, congats to your new website and the nice design.