Hello and how's Haiku's support for Intel HD 4600?

First of all, hello,and it’s nice to be here. I’m Ed and I’ve played with Haiku in the past on my old Core2Duo box, and most things worked good. And it was fast,really fast.
Now,I bought a new 4th gen Haswell with a HD 4600 integrated video.

Can someone tell me,please,if that video card is supported by Haiku(nightly) , or it goes to vesa driver by default ? That is a make or break deal for me, I want proper driver support for graphics,for what its worth.

Welcome, riskyprocedure!
I have a notebook with an i7 Haswell that uses HD 4600 (see this older thread.

Currently, the intel_extreme driver is broken for some hardware, mine included. I have to blacklist it to be able to boot. That falls back to VESA, which isn’t a problem at all, though. It’s probably just as fast as when using the intel_extreme driver, because there’s no acceleration in Haiku’s drivers anyway.

One thing when using VESA is that you’re limited to the resolutions provided by the BIOS. This may be a problem, depending on your specific hardware. It does work very well for me…

Seeing how widely used the onboard intel graphics are, chances are not too bad that the driver will be fixed for more hardware. I’ll take my notebook with me to BeGeistert 030 to have PulkoMandy have a look at it, if he has the time. He and kallisti are the two devs currently most involved with the intel_extreme driver.


I see, I have a 1920x1080 screen TV. Do you think Vesa is enough to watch with no problem 1080p and 4k videos, as I can do atm on my screen ? f that would be possible, then, I could probably live without a dedicated driver for graphics.
Thanks for the reply anyway and for the welcome !

1080p might be possible with a fast machine. 4k not so much. Even with the intel_extreme driver you won’t have any acceleration, neither 2D/3D nor video decoding etc.
Haiku isn’t yet ready to be a media center, sadly. :disappointed:

Yeah, sadly Haiku doesn’t even boot,just tried that :slight_smile: .
Latest nightly, stuck at the boot screen,with half the screen blue with stripes,all sorts of horizontal lines on it.Kinda like a blue mini-zebra…oh,well, my hopes are down now.
(Even if I need to blacklist something,I probably wouldnt know how) .

It’s quite easy, and humdinger provided the link to the relevant page on the website. Here it is again:

You will first need to use the boot menu to force use of VESA and boot the system:

If the boot menu way works, you can then blacklist the driver to make the change permanent (you won’t have to use the boot menu each time you boot).