Has the USB mount/unmount bug been fixed?

I thought I saw some ticket or update recently concerning something to do with USB and was wondering if it had anything to do with that.

I think that you meant this commit
It said in description, it is to solve this bug. As you can see, the user provided himself a patch.
Perhaps, it can have side effects on another thing but I wouldn’t count on that.

Indeed that change is about fixing a kernel crash. If your USB problems aren’t a kernel crash, it won’t affect anything for you.

What “mount/unmount bug” are you referring to?

When I plug in a USB thumb drive and then unmount it, sometimes it doesn’t completely go away. The drive icon is still there. It’s been awhile since I last did it, but I think that trying to remount the device also doesn’t work after that point. A reboot is necessary to fix things.

I believe I posted about it here a several months ago. I’ll look and see.

Posting here doesn‘t really help. Please make a ticket : )

Here’s my original post, in Feb., if it helps:

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So far as I can tell, the bug has been fixed. Or maybe there wasn’t a bug to begin with. All I know is, now (with “Eject” enabled), my 2Gb thumb drive unmounts and vanishes without incident. Coulda sworn I had tried enabling that before and it didn’t work, but it works now, so that’s the important thing.

Has anyone a need for the option “Eject when unmounting”?
Or rather, is there a need to not eject when unmounting, i.e. un-ticking that checkbox in the Tracker prefs?

Apprently it doesn’t serve to easy un-/re-mounting a USB drive by not having to un-/re-plug the device.
Personally, I only associated ejecting an optical disc with this option. Since I don’t have such a drive for many years, I never had a need for it.

Yes, it is the only way to unmount an USB disk but still be able to edit partitions in DriveSetup. If you “eject”, the device completely disappears.

Depending on your mount settings, if you have things set to automount, you may have no other way to edit a disk in DriveSetup (which is better done with all partitions unmounted).

Shouldn’t that be handled by DriveSetup then?
I mean, then you could have the disk mounted when launching DriveSetup, and when you want to edit a partition on it, DriveSetup unmounts the disk without ejecting and you can start editing.

The option in Tracker preferences seems not to be needed generally, and is a somewhat hidden tripwire, as Luposian found…

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I’m not sure about that, this option should not make any difference as to wether the icons disappears or not after unmounting. The icon should disappear in either case, but if “eject when unmounting” is enabled, the USB drive will be powered off in addition to that (and disappear from /dev/disk).

OK. Then #18938 (USB Thumb drive mount/unmount issue) – Haiku may have been closed prematurely…