Hardware for build


I received the internal USB cable: PN# INTL-1XUSB-P4FI from Amazon today and can confirm it allows me to boot from USB to Haiku OS on the NUC7i3BNH computer. LAN, WIFI, HDMI, sound and m.2 SSD all work without problems.




Do you get sound over HDMI?
Are you in VESA mode?
Any boot options ?




Thank you PulkoMandy, One button (power) boot now!


Hey Eddy,

Any Luck yet?

My basic usb mouse and keyboard are working on the USB3 ports.

A little flaky on boot when trying to enter safe mode option while pressing spacebar.

I set the option to disable IO-APIC in the kernel file per PulkoMandy and every thing boots right up.

Before I set the flag in the kernal file I would have to try several times to enter into boot options while pressing the spacebar, like sometimes the keyboard was not working.

Hope this helps with your NUC



Hi Don,

No luck. I was about to buy the adapter but realized the 6th generation PCH only supports xhci.
Both keyboard and mouse are working during the boot sequence, even to enter the safe mode option.
After that, no more keyboard. I am also trying to figure out how to install UEFI. Not that straightforward.

I really want a native HaikuOS computer. Need to experience it full speed.



Many of the older core2 mobos work out of the box, inc ac97 sound. I’ve tested about 3 msi board and a few evga boards. Works perfect, but it ain’t as small form factor. I have 2 Alienware Alpha’s lying around that I have yet to get to. Both a gen 1 and a gen 2, ill have a look this weekend. The Alphas would make a much more powerful form factor setup than the nuc.



I don’t have speakers in my monitor but I will try on the television and see about sound.
Don’t know about VESA mode, how do I tell?
No boot options, stock .iso file from the depot.


Can you load Haiku OS on a disk from another computer and move the disk to the NUC? I did this before I got my USB header cable and Haiku worked fine, then I used a new SSD and loaded fresh from USB2. I only needed the USB2 port on mine to load the OS, after that, KB and mouse work fine from the USB3 ports.



If you are using Vesa it will be a bit slower and if you check /var/log/syslog it will say Vesa is being using in there somewhere instead of intel_extreme. The intel_extreme driver should be a bit faster.


How do I switch to the intel_extreme driver?


If your hardware is supported the driver will detect it and load itself… You can see the PCIE ID’s it supports below listed in the code for the driver. If you check the output of listdev in the Haiku terminal it will show you the id of your hardware Sometimes supporting new hardware just means adding a PCIE id … others it means a bit more development needs to be done.


thanks for that cb88

I cant seem to get any USB cd/dvd drives to work on either USB2 or USB3.

Is this normal ?


I don’t think so… I think they should work are you sure you are plugging them into a USB 2 port and not USB 3?

Also the listusb command will show what usb devices are plugged in etc…


listusb shows it but it is not listed in the mount menu.


What filesystem is on it I don’t think Haiku supports exFat for instance. Edit: well you said CD drive no USB drive… yeah those should show up.

Does what does /var/log/syslog say about it when you plug the drive in… after a fresh reboot it will be toward the end of the log once you plug it in.


I think ? this is it

KERN: usb_disk: acquire_sem failed while waiting for data transfer: Operation timed out
KERN: usb_disk: unhandled ioctl 10199
Last message repeated 1 time
KERN: usb error xhci -1: _LinkDescriptorForPipe max transfers count exceeded


it’s supposed to work but obviously broken there… not sure if it is plugged in USB3 port but but you have a USB3 error there at the bottom also.


ok sorry, I also have a USB stick installed into a USB3 port.

The portable USB dvd drive is plugged into a USB2 port

Thanks for the help , Ill work on it some more.