HakiControlLook (how to add to Haiku as shared lib)?


Oh !! it is great please thanks! please share it :Q___


And now we need a poll, which Decor + ControlLook should be added into the official Haiku, selected under Preferences -> Appearance -> Look and Feel -> Decorator.
Currently there existing only “Default” and “BeDecorator”.

For myself I vote for two.
Dan0: +1
CDE: +1


Yellow buttons +1
Dan0 +1
Hakilos +1


I vote for none at all, as adding things in the base system means the developers needs to maintain it, and they have already plenty things on their plates.
It is better to outsource this to the community.


I agree. Decors and ControlLooks should be added through PackageManager managed by the third party developer(s).


Id really like to try this decorator… Could you share it please?


It’s even worse than this.

If we make a decorator official, everyone who writes an application for Haiku has to make sure their app renders fine with it. This is a lot of work and I feel it’s against what we are trying to achieve with Haiku.

The system can ship with a single look, and make it possible for users to install more. If you want to suggest improvement/replacement of the default look, we’re open to suggestions, however, not the ones that brings us back to how other OS looked 20 years ago. A lot of effort and finetuning went into the current decorator, and we should not replace it with something that’s at least as well polished.


I don’t really know why theming even implemented. It makes things just complicated without any actual gain.


I agree with you here. Even though I have to admit that I did install all of the HakiDecorators, and it was kinda cool to have Haiku look like CDE or OS/2 for a few minutes :wink:
I really don’t wanna put down the great work done by @s40in but overall I’m a big fan of a unified look that you can rely on when developing applications.


Another vote for Decorators being added via Package Manager and managed by the third party developers. I like seeing these additional decorators. BeOS had the select few - Win95/MacOS/Amiga. I liked making my windows look like Mac OS 8/9 Platinum from time to time.

Looking forward to testing out the Decorators/Control Looks shown in this thread.


BeOS allowed changing only the window borders. That’s something easier to change without breaking apps, even if there are some things that should be supported properly (stack and tile, for example).


where can i get it? :slight_smile: i am still waiting for test it


I haven’t got the time for releasing it. Sorry. Maybe I can upload it to github soon.


Yes please n.n it look so cool