HakiControlLook (how to add to Haiku as shared lib)?


Yes, the full path is passed currently (security wise it should probably require some checks someday), and Appearance checks all through find_paths().


I found some time to make HakiloControlLook (Dan0-style controls) pub available. Controls are not finished. Who wants, that can use them

For a 64 bit haiku, you need to build it yourself. I build it in haiku tree.

Download HakiloControlLook2 for Haiku 32bit
Source: HakiControlLook github



Thanks @s40in
FYI how to install (English): create folder /boot/system/non-packaged/add-ons/control_look and then unzip this file there.
Open the Appearance panel-app from Preferences, goto the “Look and feel” tab and you should now see the “Hakilo2” as one of the options in the “ControlLook” pull-down menu.


Great, could you make an early Be decor?


Or a Taligent one?


Good ideas. Unfortunately, I don’t have free time for it now. Maybe someone else will make these decors.


I am using a x64 haiku, but dont know how exactly to build your source, can you please help me with a step by step ? thanks


I will try to write this little guide.

Here is a zip archive (HakiloControlLook 64bit) with a builded version for 64bit.


where should i put ? and thank you n.n


How to install


Great, make sure you publish the source code :wink:


This is a little bit off topic. But I cannot longer build my decorator.
The bold warning below is new since I updaed GCC to latest this week. Anyone else got the same warning? It seems that “jam” compiles my decorator but doesnt link it and update the binary.

Starting build of type regular …
Skipping setjmp_test2.S test on non-x86
don’t know how to make <x86_64>crtbeginS.o
don’t know how to make <x86_64>crtendS.o


Sources are on my github


I don’t have such errors. Try to make pkgman full-sync


If someone wanted a Windows theme in Haiku, then now it is :slight_smile:
Windows 3.x style (HakiWin16Decorator & Win16ControlLook)


Download HakiWin16Decorator for Haiku 32bit
Download Win16ControlLook for Haiku 32bit
All sources in my github


So much memories !!! Las time I used Win 3.1 still had hair in my head… :smiley:


Well, last time I used win3.1 I installed Calmira on it :smile:


New Hakilo theme (decor + ControlLook) like Windows 10 or simple flat style.


Download HakiWinXtheme Zip for Haiku x64
Source in My github


This is my attempt. Made it “flatter”. Default buttons are yellow. I will change more in the decorator in the future. No download links, sorry.


Looks great.
Probably it’s time to create a new topic, for the exchange of decors and themes from different people.