HakiControlLook (how to add to Haiku as shared lib)?

The theme with the gradient on the buttons, the menu in Haiku looks great with the default colors. But with some colors the gradient interferes.
I made a HakiControlLook based on HaikuControlLooks without a gradient.

This can be clearly seen if you assign CDE colors.

If I want to change the display of controls globally (set HakiControlLook), then you need to rebuild the libbe library and replace HaikuControlsLook. Is there any other way now?


Unfortunately, there is no way to change themes on the fly in a preference. That is something that still needs to be implemented.

There’s a TODO in libbe about doing this. Patches happily accepted. I meant to do it some time ago but then got caught up in other things, and I probably won’t get back to it anytime soon…


Yes the plan was to load other ControlLooks as add-ons I think, shouldn’t be too hard to patch.

At least it’s definitely simpler now than it used to be in BeOS, I remember having to patch function prologues, that was really hacky :wink:
For the rest you can use the ThemeManager, and check existing themes :smiley:


It would be great to add addon feature as soon as possible.
I like what Haiku looks like, but I would like to make my ControlLook addon.

Well, for now you can start working on a ControlLook by just replacing be_control_look global variable before creating any BWindows in your own application.

Doesn’t look that much involved, at least for a basic API to change it. Later we can still add a fancier one with enumerator like the decorator one.

Great advice. It’s very easy to test own controls.


Oh, I see Dano0 in here! :smiley:

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Cool, so you have some material to play there: https://github.com/mmuman/skinobe until we add proper addons.


Btw, I just made a first implementation of ControlLook add-on support. It’s very basic but should be enough for now. Should probably be merged quite soon.


Great news. I will wait for merge with the main branch and a simple addon example.


Maybe a bit off topic, but do you know what the “Shine” does in color prefs? Doesn’t seems to be used. I would love to change all the gradient (bezels) so you can configure a flat look in haiku.

You can give a look at #5293 (Some settings in Appearance preflet are ignored) – Haiku and #5293 (Some settings in Appearance preflet are ignored) – Haiku

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You should now be able to load ControlLook addons properly.
It won’t change live yet, but newly launched apps will use them.
Also, you might still need some private headers, I didn’t check if we ship them outside the source tree yet.


Great job!
I wanted this. Thanks.

It work in night haiku build.

Who does not know, you need to put haiku_extra.hpkg to select other ControlLook. There is already an example of “BeControlLook” with a menu without a gradient.

I’m still training on a simple CDE style. While only buttons are ready.



It’s just the Be ControlLook that is in the extra package, you can add others in your own packages.

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And in non-packaged too, I guess?

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