HaikuDepot is not a very good name

It’s too technical and weird. At first glance, it does not imply a place to look for software. You have to be familiar with the term depot/repo to get that you gotta look there in order to find some software.

Wouldn’t it be better to change it to something more familiar?
If you have any suggestions, just comment below.

  • SoftwareCenter/re
  • SoftwareStore
  • Store

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You forgot the “Keep the HaikuDepot name” option


It’s not an imperative poll by any means, so the poll is just intended to find the best available alternative name.

I don’t like any of these options, I think haikudepot is fine as it is as a name.


I’m not in favour of changing the name to be honest. It is well known in our community and for newcomers we have a very good and detailed user guide which explains how to install software.


SoftwareDepot would be better, because it is not only for Haiku :slight_smile:

But the current name is also ok for myself.


You run HaikuDepot on other operating systems? :wink:

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Ha ha :wink:

No i mean not only for haiku system software, just all around, like 3rd party

There is a little ambiguity if you come from Windows where WindowsUpdate is only for Microsoft software and other things are updated via the store, but I think that people trying Haiku have often tried one or several linux distros before and are used to something fully centralized.


Tbh I like the name HaikuDepot, it’s unique enough to give it some sort of charm and doesn’t confuse the user.


I agree that HaikuDepot is a nice name and does not confuse a newcomer.


I am fine with depot…

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The original software store for the BeOS was called BeDepot, hence the similar name for the Haiku’s one.


I quite like the name of HaikuDepot, since it reminds me of several retailers which have “Depot” in their name to imply that you can get everything at their stores. To me, the “Depot” in HaikuDepot also reflects that approach, since you can get lots of themes and software through HaikuDepot.

Additionally, we already have a Software Updater utility so renaming HaikuDepot to something with “Software” in it would likely confuse people.


And store sounds like payment and depot for a archive.


Present name is okay for me too.


I tried to add it to the poll, but it seems that you can only add poll options on Discourse in the first 5 minutes…

At any rate, your reply now has 12 likes, which is more than the poll itself has votes. I think that means this “option” is winning. :slight_smile:


“Depot” is weird or technical?

Gads… where do buses live when they’re not out bussing about? The bus depot.

If you’re in the US and you want to renovate your room, you’ll go to Home Depot.

I don’t think that it’d be a particularly strange word in either the anglophone or francophone spheres.



French word dépôt has almost the same meaning than in English, but also has a lot of compound forms in various domains. So, if you really look for something weird…
Anyway, using store makes no sense. For us, it’s only a kind of blind. App makes no sense either, it has no meanings. So If M$ and Google weren’t thinking the world revolves around them, they would use other names for their applications.

To be fair Apple calls it ‘App Store’ for the iPhone, but in some ways it might have been the first of it’s kind. Not sure what’s with Google because ‘Google Play’ kinda implies it should mostly have multimedia and games.