Haiku versus HaikuOS...Haiku-OS...Haiku_OS

Haiku … the OS (computer operating system) is not a ‘Haiku’, but rather a …
HaikuOS … Haiku-OS … Haiku_OS …
If I enter ‘Haiku’ as the search term, I get Japanese …
and ‘miss’ the OS !!!

If I need to find something, I always search on ‘haiku operating system.’ Works fine. I could probably shorten it to ‘haiku os’.

If I search for ‘windows’ I get different places that sells windows, glass, and doors.

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I expected a similar argument!
It is (quasi) predictable!

Of course. I’m not sure why anyone would start a thread like this and not expect it.

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Otherwise no ‘differentiated’ views on the ‘subject’?

We are not willing to rename ourselves.


That is not the main problem!
They blame anyone who calls HaikuOS instead of Haiku (the operating system or the OS) … Haiku-OS … Haiku_OS …!
It is sick!
I noticed that (here) leading members (very) intensively deal with troublemakers and waste valuable time …


They only have to deal with this in cases where it is brought up. If it is not brought up, then nobody has to deal with it. Can a dead dog be left to rest in peace? Please.

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It is, because it has been discussed again and again in the past, just serach for those threads.
There’s a FAQ on the topic.