Haiku UI Mockup

Very nice! Is this something that is being saved for after R1?

The Haiku Project has very high standards for updates which can make it difficult to get these kind of things in. Support for rounded corners on buttons and menu fields (which is arguably the more impressive feature) has already been added but the feature is currently disabled. The scroll bar knob feature was rejected, I have made an appeal (the appeal process was only recently implemented, progress!), which is currently in traction because it needs to be done in a different way to make the knobs work in WebPositive. Patience and a persistence are required.


Looks really nice!!! I hope to have this options merged in the future.

Great work! :+1:

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I would like to see a little bit of yellow, or perhaps orange, inside application windows, instead of just dark grey or blue.

Also, jscipione, those rounded corners look very nice.

You can change the dark grey color which is panel background color in Appearance prefs and the medium blue color is Mark color which you can also change in Appearance prefs.

I still think having all these settings in the Appearance preferences is not that great. I would rather have a way to chose an alternate BControlLook and be done with it, or maybe a 3rd party app to tweak the look. But I feel the default install should not have this much options.

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But Appearance is exactly where these settings should go… either that or Scroll Bar ;). I’d like to add one more drop-down in Look & Feel for Control Look. It’s not that many options and the scroll bar options come from BeOS of course which is just a bit of whimsy that made the OS special and that so many have asked for in forum posts (like this one, just scroll up) and bug reports and on IRC. Decorator and Control Look could hypothetically be combined into one but they represent different things in the source code. Decorators control the look of the outside of the window while Control Look controls the look of the inside. Set to BeDecorator and BeControlLook (coming soon) for maximal BeOS nostalgia mode.


That sounds like a good idea, and it won’t clutter the preflet window in any way

Does somebody still have topic starter’s mockups?

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Original poster here thanks to a reply notification email. Didn’t expect this thread to live on this long!

I’m not sure if it’s the original, but this is the oldest version of the mockup I could find after digging through my files.


It is definitely nice to see. And it’s an interesting comparison and historical reference. This may be one of the few times waking such an old thread is worth it.

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Speaking of UI mockups. Does anyone know who the author of those mockups was?


I’d prefer the menu bar vertical whitespace to be reduced there a bit, but it’s fine otherwise!

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Rounded corners all the way! Including the window border corners! :slight_smile:

Good day,

Looks like theming is a “must”?. I totally am against round corners :grinning: so clean square angle borders is what I’m for.

Hopefully I’ll understand theming completely in the near future to make a “real black” theme… hopefully…:slightly_smiling_face: