"Haiku trademark policy" or can I say "Haiku OS"?

Hello everybody,
Let’s summarize the facts.

  1. The operating system is called “Haiku” not “Haiku OS”
  2. Haiku inc did not get the domain haiku.org at that time. I think therefore it comes to confusion between Haiku and Haiku OS.
  3. It is explicitly stated that the OS is called Haiku. Thus, there should be no problem to say haiku.

I think we can end this discussion. I think in the future we all only talk about haiku

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Also facts are:

  1. …in other words “Haiku operating system”, and in short “Haiku”, and in this context “Haiku” and “Haiku” are synonymous: they designate one and the same thing. (Also I should add that creating homonym it is a bad policy for the language. And this project did this. And this brings some bad consequences.)
  2. …and they take “haiku-os.org” domain showing us that that is the next best thing to “haiku.org”.
  3. …also fact is that nothing wrong in saying or writing “Haiku”

“Haiku” is technically correct when speaking about our operating system.
“Haiku OS” is not really correct. “The Haiku operating system” would technically be better.

“Go” is technically correct when speaking about the programming language.
“Go-lang” isn’t really correct, but is helpful to identify what you’re talking about when you’re not around programmers. (or googling funny enough)
Running through the Go forums and IRC shouting “Go-lang” will likely get you some odd looks from the Go developers.

It’s all our fault for having “haiku-os.org” because we really didn’t want to blow the huge sum of cash for haiku.org

Why is this thread 44 posts long?


Closing due to general consensus of people in IRC.