"Haiku trademark policy" or can I say "Haiku OS"?

In fact it is not true: “Haiku” it is not just “Haiku”.
I am fine with “Haiku” as a full and more clear name of the project.




It is not. It is just Haiku. Misspelling people or project names on purpose despite the people telling you it is not right is not nice. Please stop doing that.


I do not agree. “Haiku” and “Haiku OS” here in this context are synonymous. And this pure language things nothing to do with “misspelling” “trademark” things. People can say and call things how they want. Stop authoritarianism!

'Haiku, Inc. owns the ‘Haiku’® name, HAIKU logo®, HAIKU Background Leaf™, and HAIKU Leaf™ (registered) trademarks.’

Do you see any Haiku ‘OS’?

Yes, if you search for haiku into the internet you need to add the ‘os’ to get results about it, but the name of the OS is ‘Haiku’.


And again, what this juridical formalities have to do with how people communicating outside those juridical formalities?
…Not saying even that that I am outside of area of jurisdiction of those formalities.

:wink: nice link to the forum i already in now

How does people should know thats the right formality if all talking false about it :wink:

And this is not the right place about it in this post about hardware discussion

You do not get it! People do not talk about those formalities. People even talk in slang! Here in my country people can call “MS Windows” by “Vindozė” or “Vinda” and they do not misscommunicate at all.

I will call you damoklOS from now on. How do you feel about that?

You changing subject! Lets do not go personal.
Any way, I can answer: I feel like you joking or mocking.

Yes you are right, but we can try to communicate it right?

And who will decide what is right?

The Haiku project disagrees (and so does the law on these matters), and the Haiku project is the one which controls its own name, of course. So you may not like it, but that is the name of the project.

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At the top you must ad the context of the discussion:


Nitpick: Haiku is just “Haiku”, not “Haiku OS.” :slight_smile:

I do not understand your question. Haiku is Haiku and if people name it Haiku in there post and someone inform the writer about it, thats ok. You can write that you want the name of the project and system stays Haiku. You does not can say this is not correct at all.

Be was a company and a system and all named it beos but the name here is be.

I know people says Haiku because to make it clear that they talking about the system and not a Poem. But again, the Name is “Haiku”

Your laws do not apply in any way to how people talk one to another. It is subject of some language grammar exclusively. And of course, your laws do not apply to me, I do not live in USA. But any way, I do not talk here about “Haiku” in juridical context. Do not confuse the subject.

Ok, I will say forthright what I want to communicate to you all here. I just not like and I think that is rude to mock new people with claims like «Haiku is just “Haiku”, not “Haiku OS.”» in the context where is it no matter those juridical formalities or another relevant to this claim meaning. After all “Haiku” (in the context of computer tech) and “Haiku OS” are synonimous by english language laws, wich are superior to any goverment laws.