"Haiku trademark policy" or can I say "Haiku OS"?

As PulkoMandy remarked before, can we just call you damoklOS then?

No, that would be rude and incorrect, because that is not your name. You have authority over your name, and we need to respect that. The Haiku project has authority over Haiku’s name, and we ask that everyone respect that, too.


The product that Haiku Inc. owns is called ‘Haiku’ not “Haiku” or “Haiku”. Do you think that Microsoft or Google address their products as Windows OS or Android OS? I’ve never heard them or anyone in a conversation say any of those but always say the short-hands like Windows or Android or even just Mac.

Using the full word ‘Operating System’ already minimizes ambiguity and it is universal across several names:

‘Windows Operating System’
‘Mac Operating System’
‘Android Operating System’
‘Ubuntu Operating System’
‘Haiku Operating System’
‘Fuchsia Operating System’

I don’t even see Linux OS or Ubuntu OS commonly used anywhere, because the shorthand is without the ‘OS’ and ‘Haiku’ is our correct short-hand. So why should we change the project name and short-hand to ‘Haiku’.

Remember you just said that this is for the ‘full and more clear name of the project’ which ‘Haiku’ is incorrect for our project name. It is just Haiku.


I think you all are basically talking about very different things here.

Haiku is the official name and trademark of the OS these forums are about. If you use this name in any form to reference this project (e.g. link to it from your website, write an article, distribute it etc.) one should use the proper name. Also some of these cases can be subject to trademark law.

If you are just talking or discussing about Haiku in some less formal form saying “the Haiku” can make sense to make clear you are talking about an OS. You can also say “the OS Haiku” or something similar. This has nothing to do with trademark laws. Even in a more formal article this can make sense to reference it that way, e.g. if you want to stress that the statement you make is specific about Haiku as an OS. Depending on your audience you might want to write out “operating system” in those cases, though.

Having said this it is pretty much non-sensical to refer to Haiku as Haiku in these forums :grin:

No, they usually their product names to reference their products. But I have seen all of “(Windows|Linux|Android) OS” being used in contexts where the authors want to make sure it is clear they are talking about an OS, and not let’s say fenestration or Blade Runner.


“the Haiku OS” is okay when you need to clarify this (I’d prefer “the Haiku operating system”, but that’s verbose).

Just “Haiku OS” isn’t correct. (this may not be a problem in other languages?)



Oh, man, what is the problem? Some double standard? In one case it is OK (it is how it is), in other “oh, no! it is wrong, do not say that”.

By your logic, you’ll have to call it ‘Haiku OS ORG’.


Did I not link to the FAQ explaining this already?


Ok, let’s look at where the “confusion” is most likely stemming from.

You have: “https://www.haiku-os.org” and you have “https://discuss.haiku-os.org

Both URL’s (one just an extension the first) say “haiku-os”. No denying that. It’s right there in black and white (quite literally… black text on a white background! (grin)). As I understand it, it was for registration reasons (couldn’t get just “haiku.org” or something.

The issues is further complicated because you have the company (Haiku, Inc.) and the OS (Haiku).

But if someone says “Haiku”, are they referring to the company or the OS? So, it comes quite naturally, to say “Haiku OS”, to make a clear distinction. We know it’s called legally/officially called Haiku, but we’re trying to make that clear distinction for the sake of others. At least that’s what I would do…

Example… let’s say I create my own Operating System, My name is Jared. But I decide to call my OS Jared. Someone comes along and says, “Man, I love using Jared!”. Uh… are they talking about me or the Operating System? But if they say, “I love using JaredOS”, people know EXACTLY what they’re talking about.

It’s not about trying to insult anyone or change the name or whatever. It’s just a very easy way of clarifying which Haiku they’re actually talking about… at least it would be for me.

I think it might do well to simply tell people, “I know it says “haiku-os” on the URL, but it really is just called Haiku” or something like that. Point them to a page (FAQ?) that explains it or something. No need to get upset about it. The miscommunication may stem from just the URL of the page!

Why isn’t it called HaikuOS?

The name of the project is simply “Haiku”. Unfortunately, despite numerous attempts, the registration of haiku.org has not been possible; hence the reason for haiku-os.org.


It is obvious that “.org” is not a part of the name.

And still it is looks like double standard.

Well, if you have the money to buy haiku.org, or another suitable domain name like haiku.io, we will happily switch to it instead of haiku-os.org.

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Please, do not attack people who says or writes: “Haiku OS”. They have the right to do this. That’s all what I want to say, actually.

It’s a free world and we can’t completely stop you, that’s true. But we are not “attacking”, we are correcting.


There is nothing to “correct”.

It’s pretty pointless though to make a big stink about it though… people have been calling it Haiku OS for as long as the name Haiku has existed in relation to this operating system and show absolutely no signs of stopping. Unfortunately what started as a simple correction has blossomed into a flame war…

Its the same kind of crap people get into when they start nitpicking over what X.org/X11/Xwindows is called its just rediculous… in an informal setting there really is no reason to correct anyone, firstly because most people don’t like being corrected over trivial things and, the only time it needs to legally be enforced is in conjunction with distribution and commercialization.


haiku.io is dead (broken link or whatever). Grab it quick! :smiley:

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The domain is still registered, though. If whoever holds it isn’t using it, it would be nice to get. I’ll try to contact them…

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Why changing tue domain name?

I like the current one. Easy to learn and a marker for people who does know that haiku is, because haiku is a operating system ( -os)


This discussion remembers me the Crossworlds movie from 1996:

  • Hey Jo, how are you?
  • My name is Joseph, JO-SEPH !

Besides trademark legislation and the conveying of your ideas informally, there is also the matter of good willing towards the project members. When you give a nickname to your buddy and he/she says he/she doesn’t like it, you have to make a decision: to continue to use this nickname or to stop doing so. In the former case you risk to offend and loose your friend.

P.S. Joseph is the main character of Crossworlds and unlike his friends, his girlfriend from another world named him Joseph.