Haiku R1/beta4 has been released! | Haiku Project

After a year and a half since the last beta, Haiku R1/beta4 has been released. See “Release Notes” for the release notes, “Press contact”, for press inquiries … and “Get Haiku!” to skip all that and just download the release (or upgrade to it from an existing install!)

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Thanks to everyone who contributed during this past development cycle, and many thanks to all the donors who make my own contract possible :slight_smile:

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you Haikuvians, and here’s to an even better 2023!


Thank you Haiku team, for all your great work :slight_smile:


What´s under the virtual christmas tree? A new Haiku beta! :slight_smile:
Awesome, thank´s to everyone that made this possible :+1:


Arrrrr. Great! Congrats!!!

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Tried the new release today and it works really well. Congrats to everyone involved.


mmmh the first euphoria is over, the network doesn’t work properly. So will stay with beta 3 for the time being (no irc and internet are bad to work :wink: .

Update not possible because SoftwareUpdater without internet are not possible :frowning:

#18166 (Beta 4: network connection is constantly being activated and deactivated) – Haiku (haiku-os.org)

Congrats and much thanks to all who made this possible.

Congrats to all involved in and outside of the project! :ok_hand:

Splendid! Thanks for this Christmas gift :santa:t2:


Nice gift for Christmas. The changelog is awesome, so many interesting and promising improvements. Bravo !
Have nice time with yours families/


Had the same trouble with older nightlies and need to try if they’ve been resolved in beta 4.
In the meantime I just downloaded latest image and installed over it via USB, hoping for a fix.
For my Haiku project, I don’t really need network access anyway, just for git😅

I’ve been trying HAIKU on a live USB stick, on my Lenovo Thibkpad 240.
It’s soooooo fast even on the live stick!


That’s really a nice christmas gift.
I’m currently updating my smaller laptop from beta 3 to beta 4 while writing here using the bigger laptop with some nightly from some time inbetween those betas.
There are so many improvements and new features that the new beta brings,can’t wait to try it.
The thing I’d like to try most is the newly ported GNOME Web browser.
Had to click away more than 10 error messages in Falkon to be able to post here,it can only get better.


Good news everybody!


Please please please, crossing my fingers here.
Tell me that now haiku supports multiple monitors :smiley: ???

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Sorry, no. Maybe that’ll come in Beta 5?


Beta 4 is now installed on my smaller laptop and I really love it.
I can finally hear audio here,that did never work in the past because the HD Audio driver didn’t support my card.
Additionally,I can hear radio livestreams using the native MediaPlayer so I don’t need VLC for that anymore (used VLC on the other laptop where audio worked…)
And WebPositive improved so much that I can actually use it now,it flickers quite much but it renders pages well and responds a lot faster than before.
Finally no need to use bloated Chromium Falkon anymore \o/
Only the proxy setting seems to be broken now,I set it to the HTTP Proxy port of a locally installed Tor and still I see my real IP on a IP checker site.
If I remember right,that used to work some time ago.


Multiple monitors have been supported (not perfectly, but it’s possible) for almost 10 years, but only if you have one of the compatible videocards: Radeon 7000 or 9250 or some matrox ones. It is not supported with any of the newer drivers yet.

I have seen in RedOX OS release notes that they manage to do it with their EFI framebuffer driver (on compatible hardware/firmware that reports the available diplays), so maybe that’s something we should try as well.


Further word spreading: