Haiku R1/beta2 Release Candidate 2

Hello everyone,

Coming hot on the tail of the first release candidate yesterday, here’s Release Candidate 2. The logo in Installer has been fixed, and the bundled KeymapSwitcher has been updated.

If you are already on the “r1beta2” update channel, you can use SoftwareUpdater or pkgman full-sync to get to r1beta2 hrev54154_110. Notably, if you ran into the Name in use error yesterday when trying to update, try again now; this has been fixed on the server side (so if you installed a Release Candidate 1 image, just updating again will fix the problem.)


I suppose there’s very little chance I am, since I don’t have a clue what it is?

I downloaded the x86_64 ISO, copied it to a USB stick, and it boots, but Installer won’t install it over my existing Haiku install. Is there any way to use this download, without erasing my partition?

Additionally, by the time you read this, new repositories for R1/beta2 should also be available, so if you are already on the “r1beta2” update channel, you can use SoftwareUpdater or pkgman full-sync to get to r1beta2


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Performing well for me on a Thinkpad T61P with 4GB.

Great work, people.

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Anyone tried it on a Ryzen? I might try to install it on a usb disk to test.

@waddlesplash great news. Thanks :slight_smile: As I’m already mirroring the official releases, i went ahead and put up these release candidates. I hope this was OK. If you like you can link to them directly to save dome if your bandwidth :slight_smile:


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I always wondering why Haiku’s font rendering is so good and ReactOS’s font rendering is so bad even though both used the same FreeType!

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So how well performed Haiku on multi cores system? I currently assigned just two cores for my Haiku on VirtualBox. My real machine has 8 cores.

I don’t know enought to give you a proper answer, but I can say that according to the activity monitor both cores on my cpu are active, and often one is working hard while the other is doing much less.

Haiku lacks video acceleration and a modern browser. Otter is most close thing we got. Haiku has great potential to be a Web Kiosk, but only if we have decent graphic support and a modern web browser, it’s very far, though.

Does someone know about gaming status on Haiku? Could someday we have Haiku as a gaming platform? Oh, I think it’s my own wet dream.

So you are dual core like me? I want to know what someone with more cores experience. Perhaps 4 cores or above.

Seems to run nicely on a Dell T3400 with a 6 core Xeon W3690, 24GB RAM and a GForce7300GT

Depends. Web+ uses Webkit (used by Otter Browser and Safari) which is still supported and modern.

Haiku runs most games that are not too graphics intensive or don’t require 2D/3D graphic hardware acceleration for decent performance. For games, see: Gaming on Haiku

Haiku can handle a lot of threads, cores, and RAM…

I just installed Haiku on a USB-disk and booted on my AMD Ryzen 2700X with Radeon X590. Seems to work just fine, even OpenGL. Haiku detects 16 cores (this is a 8core/16thread CPU) and all 16GiB RAM.

So far I havent done any benchmarks or so, but at least all hardware seems to work fine.

Beta2/RC2 works for my on my System76 Oryx Pro, Wi-Fi included. Sounds works with headphones only. The only thing is that I changed the repo to be r1beta2 for the package manager, but pkgman list-repos shows HaikuPorts master in the identifier. Not sure if that matters or not.

~> pkgman list-repos
base-url: https://eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/haiku/r1beta2/x86_64/current
identifier: https://hpkg.haiku-os.org/haiku/r1beta2/x86_64/current
priority: 1
base-url: https://eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/haikuports/r1beta2/x86_64/current
identifier: https://hpkg.haiku-os.org/haikuports/master/x86_64/current
priority: 1

That is for now expected, yes.

I had been planning on dropping in a compatible WiFi card in a Thinkpad X140e this weekend anyway, and installing Haiku on bare metal.

This build worked for me. No issues seen.

@donn: Exactly. I’m having the same problem right now. “The Installer cannot upgrade an existing installation.” Nobody said it should. Why not provide an option “Wipe existing partition and just proceed to install”? Where is that “guide to upgrade on the Haiku homepage” announced by the error message? And how I am supposed to access SoftwareUpdate from Beta 1 when it has been deactivated for Beta1? What is the “R1/beta2 update channel”, and how do I get into it? (Also, when I booted from USB to desktop, the CPU was absolutely flooded and the system stuck with no workload yet - until I disconnected the Internet. What was happening there?)

We noticed pretty late that this feature was broken and made a rather minimal change to Installer to avoid broken installations. We will rework this more cleanly for beta 3.

The “guide to update” is not published yet because beta2 is not yet released. For now you can review it here: https://github.com/haiku/website/pull/376/files