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After almost 2 years since R1/beta1, Haiku R1/beta2 has been released. See “Release Notes” for the release notes, “Press contact", for press inquiries … and “Get Haiku!” to skip all that and just download the release (or upgrade to it from an existing install!)

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Pure awesomeness :sunglasses: So excited! :smile: Three cheers for Haiku! :champagne: :partying_face: Downloading now!

(P.S. The links to release notes and downloads have directory dots … in them and don’t work unless these are removed)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release! I’ll be downloading, and furthering my Haiku education. All best, …Monty.

Congrats on the new release, everyone!! :smiley:

Awesome news! I will have to download and spin it up - can’t wait!

I just re-uploaded the .torrent files (I used a private tracker instead of a public one causing issues for some folks).

The contents are identical, if you downloaded with a .torrent before around 10 minutes ago and intend to seed, or are having issues downloading, feel free to re-download the new .torrent files from the download page.

Sorry for the confusion, Thanks!

Despite the pandemic striking the world, would it be possible to buy a DVD of Beta2 in the near future? The last time I had few bucks to donate, different to nowadays :slight_smile:

Awesome news… thanks to everyone that contributing… :heart_eyes::+1::+1:

Hey, great news! Just downloading and trying it!
Congrats to your release.

I have not decided yet about DVDs, because I have about 500 DVDs of beta 1 left and I’m not sure what I will do with those now. And I don’t want to fill my flat with old unsold DVDs :sweat_smile:

Woo-hoo! Just saw it on HackerNews - hope it gets the attention it deserves and lots of new fans for Haiku! (Just as that HN post about the Castor browser a few weeks ago rang in a new boom for Gopherspace.)

We could print a little leaflet explaining how to update once installed. We already have most of the text. Along with a cut-here-flip-up Haiku 3D logo ?

Congratulations to everyone involved !! Very important milestone !

Already upgraded. Netsurf is fast but lacks Javascript. Otter works fine but somewhat slower than Netsurf. It’s unbelievable that I could have SuperTux installed and played fine on Haiku, on a VirtualBox VM, even though it can’t as smooth as on real hardware but the graphic is acceptable.

It would be awesome someday I could installed Haiku on real hardware with full support for graphic acceleration (I know it’s a dream, though, the modern graphics stuffs are complicated). But currently Haiku on VirtualBox is enough for me.

What if Limited Run Games do us the favor of selling those limited edition commemorative Beta1 DVD’s signed by some of its distinguishable developers?

Okay, just daydreaming. I didn’t know there are still DVD’s from the previous beta.I can suggest the idea to resurface them and put into donation with a thing like that, with signatures and numbered.

That’s the great thing about HAIKU, including BeOS on its time. It squeezed the hardware capabilities and offered us a real multimedia system. I love HAIKU because is modern and keep a vintage look that I miss from the old days. It’s like mixing Windows 2000, RedHat 9 and Mac OS Classic into a blender. The best cocktail ever. Powerful, beautiful and supported by a loyal community. What else can someone ask for? It’s great :slight_smile:

Just when you miss a few days online this happened, congrats to every one involved in getting the release out! :sunny:

Should check more often :slight_smile:
Congratulations y’all! I’ve saved some bandwidth for this download :wink:

Great work everyone! - I can’t thank all of you maintainers / contributors / porters enough for your passion and dedication to Haiku.

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