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After nearly 6 years since R1/alpha4, Haiku R1/beta1 has been released. See “Release Notes” for the (lengthy) release notes, “Press contact”, for press inquiries … and “Get Haiku!” to skip all that and just download the release.

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I’m really excited. Any recommended laptop model?

Grab a T440s, works oob.

This isnt a dream right?

Nice, i’m downloading the 64 bit torrent !

Wake up neo!

…so what now?
… sorry just woke up!

Excellent. Thanks for your great work :smile:

Love it, no crashes and everything looks good. Just waiting for an nvidia driver now and modern browser and it would be perfect for my everyday use! Stuck at 1024*768 :frowning:

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Trying this out but I there is no selectable boot volume. Have tried a nightly build and the latest Beta1 as well.

I dd’ed the 32bit image to a USB drive, and it doesn’t boot on my Ryzen 7 system and my TC1000 doesn’t see it as bootable, it does boot on the Transmeta Efficeon TM-8600 and on my Lenovo x140e.

UEFI booting is only supported by the 64bit image

It was working just before the release regardless of EFI or not.

Tries out the 64bit Version of R1Beta1 on DVD.
After trying to install LibreOffice and running on the same time Webpositive, which runs a Youtube-Video, Haiku falls back to KernelDebuggingLand

Here are some screenshots of it. But I think you know it, because its not nontypical in this early stage of the Haiku-development.


Yeah I think that is a known one. You may be able to type continue and resume working.

I haven’t ran into it myself yet though. the one I useually run into just makes Web+ hang and then I have to kill it and restart its some hang in the built in bitcoin miner ahem I mean Cryptoqueues.

emulating 32b on last mac os x virtualbox

you should create a bug report for that one. dev.haiku-os.org

You may be able to type continue and resume working.

I haven’t tested it now. But if it is so easy, is it possible to publish special images or integrating an option in it, that it automatical continues, if Haiku comes to an problem?
Or if this option already exists: What do I have to write in which file, that Haiku automatical continues?

No the only reason you end up there is if something blew up massively… sometimes you can continue sometimes you can’t.

Really when that happens you want a bug report.