Haiku-PyAPI app: Feed aggregator "FeedGator"

Santa’s :santa: passed by giving us a preview of BGator2 written in python with Haiku-PyAPI. Instead writing the downloaded news into a sql database, now BGator writes them directly on the hard drive as files with attributes. There’s a lot of work to do, but for now its just usable, except for the TextView summary which has a bug and it’s not displaying the news sintesis.

Just a hint: BGator opens the webbrowser (default Webpositive) with the news link, if your browser was closed with open sites tabs, these will not be opened again, so you’ll loose them. If you rely on this browser feature, remember to open the browser before opening the news, or decide to use an alternative browser (in boot/home/config/non-packaged/data/BGator2/config.ini)


Still get this after all those years :rofl:

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Since you rename it, what about HaPyGator instead of adding a trailing 2?

Seems nice! I go for it!!! Recalls alligator, which actually was the mascot of BGator!!


Thank you for the suggestion

Eh it’s tradition :rofl:

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Actually I don’t know if it’s a Webpositive fault or webbrowser-python-module not handling it properly
controller.open(*url*, *new=0*, *autoraise=True* )
it should

Display url using the browser handled by this controller. If new is 1, a new browser window is opened if possible. If new is 2, a new browser page (“tab”) is opened if possible.

I use 2
But Webpositive is not a suppoerted browser so that’s it…

I don’t think it’s WebPositive only, IIRC I had this happen with Firefox on Windows too. :slight_smile:

Please, not HaPyGator! :tired_face:
Maybe HaikuGator? GatorPy?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
why not? :rofl:

Right! A gator happy might have find himself a good meal… Run!

It sounds… terrible, pronounced like hey-pie-gator.
It also doesn’t look good.
One prefix at a time, okay?

It was just a funny suggestion to get rid of old B prefix that suggests the code belongs to a prehistoric era, it could as well be written Happy Gator for pronunciation sake.

ok then … Feed the Gator → so this reminds a connection to feed/rss and to feed like give meal…

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How does this compare to Pogger and fRiSS? Do we need more RSS readers?

(asking because I got a bugreport for fRiSS, to know if I should spend time on it or close the project and redirect people to something else)

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IIRC fRiSS is very Tracker-centric right? Mine is indeed a feed aggregator but has its own interface, its own attributes ( well I can try to copy the attributes names and values if possible ), and it’s written in C++(?)… Anyway, it depends on how my project progress (alongside with Haiku-PyAPI wich is at early stage) and if people abandon using fRiSS… I’m not the one who likes overshadowing other projects ^_^’
My opinion is: for now I’ll keep things like they are, at least until Haiku-PyAPI reaches a stable and complete release

That sounds like a bug. why is that happenning? Are you using the normal way to tell the OS to open a uri or are you doing something like calling WebPositive with arguments directly?
There should be no need to configure an alternative browser, the OS already does this and that configuration should ideally not be copied/be in two places.

fRiSS isn’t available for 64bit, and I can’t find anython pogger related in haikuports tree?

EDIT Pogger isn’t in haikuports tree as the PR is still open :slight_smile:


I decided to use this module to allow people decide to use a specific browser for this aggregator, so if normal browsing would use Webpositive, for these news you can decide using another one by registering it with his behavior… But if this is annoying I can remove this part of code

IIRC this has always been an issue (or it has been now for years).
If I don’t have WebPositive open and click on a link through IRC it opens a new window and previous opened tabs are gone (WebPositive (as does Falkon) opens last session on a clean launch).

I don’t know how annoying this is, i’ve not tested it.
Personally I just prefer to have configuration just in one place, and not duplicated in severall places. : )
(For example vision has it’s own configuration for colors which is hard to find and such, makes it harder to use and confuses users why the setting is not respected)

I suppose if the default is “use whatever the OS has configured” that is fine and people that actually need this feature can configure it to a different browser while it normally just follows the OS guidelines.

Huh. Definetely sounds buggy.

Do you know if Vision (I’m assuming you are using vision)
Is using this api?