Haiku participation to Outreachy - Summer 2019

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Haiku, inc has agreed to fund one student through Outreachy this year.
Outreachy is a program similar to Google Summer of Code, with a focus on increasing diversity in open source projects. It is not restricted to students.

The application process is a little different than the one from GSoC. It is up to mentors to sign in to the Outreachy website and add their own project proposals (which I then approve, as the organization administrator).

So, you can submit your project ideas here: https://www.outreachy.org/communities/cfp/haiku/

The application period for interns is already open, so please don’t be late in submitting project ideas (during the next 3 weeks if possible).

It is fine to copy over GSoC ideas that you plan to mentor, however, Outreachy encourages more detailed project ideas, with at least an outline of the tasks to perform.

Outreachy is also open to non-code contributions, so if you’d like to mentor something around web or UX design, QA testing, etc, this may be an opportunity as well.


Sadly, straight white males need not apply…


Indeed not. But one does not need to go through Outreachy to get paid to work on Haiku; there is of course also GSoC, and one can always propose a contract to Haiku, Inc. directly (though of course we want to get actual work done here, so we will be much stricter in what we accept than either GSoC or Outreachy for contracts.) So there’s no shortages of opportunities even without Outreachy.


We are going to be stricter also in Outreachy and GSoC. Accepting not-so-great students wastes our mentors energy and doesn’t get us more contributors because students working on things above their skill level don’t find it apleasant experieince.

Also anyone can apply to outreachy, you have to write an essay explaining why you need their help. There are the obvious reasons, but you can find something else. And if you don’t find anything, it means you don’t need their help and should be contributing to Haiku already instead of complaining that this is unfair.


Look at the past interns for Outreachy if you are interested to see what kind of profiles we could get.

Our participation to Outreachy has been approved!

This means potential interns can now see our project ideas and start the application process.



I am in the process of building Haiku and I was going through the issues list. Some of the issues marked “(easy)” have been assigned but no activity has been there in quite some time. Is it fine to take up those issues? If not, what would be the best place to start?

Yes, just add a comment to the issue to tell other people you intend to work on it as part of Outreachy.

Most issues are assigned to someone by default, but that does not mean the person is actively working on it.

I am an Outreachy’19 applicant.
I would like to work on one of the listed Outreachy projects, Unifying input preference applications. Are there any tasks related to this project that I could on?

Anything related to the affected preference panels:




Hi! I want to work on documenting the API book .Can I get leads to work on? and I have added my name to contributors.h but it hasn’t been merged.

The change to add your name will not be merged until you have made enough contributions to justify it. It is more meant as a way to get up to speed with compiling Haiku and with working with Gerrit.

The sourcecode documentation is in docs/user/. You can check the README there to see how things are organized. Ideally we should document everything in headers/os (at least), but you will notice that many classes are missing.

For example, the BUrl class in the support kit has no .dox file to match the .h. Could you write one, giving an overview of the class and an explanation of what each method does?

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I am Outreachy 2019 applicant. I’m interested in contributing to the API documentation.
Please I am a bit confused with the build process because I don’t know if it is required of me to install the Haiku OS all together, or to just clone the Github repo amd start contributing.

You can build Haiku either from Haiku or from Linux, as you prefer. Building from Windows or MacOS is not really supported, so I suggest avoiding them at least at first.


Hey Guys, I’m trying to contribute for the Outreachy Application. I’m not sure where the page with issues for unifying input is can someone link me to that page. Can I make any contribution that I want or do I have to speak to a mentor to before contributing.

And since you are in the general area of input devices and preferences once you have completed the main tasks, you might want to look at clickpad support if you find that you enjoy working on that area of Haiku (touchpads with no physical buttons a single button + zones).


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is this page what you are looking for? (outreachy link)
the other pages you can look are listed in a previous post on this thread (trac issues)

Ya sure.I am on it. Thanks for helping and being patient with my constant nagging

Thanks can you help me with building Haiku; when I ran jam -q @vmware-image I get

…failed link …/generated.x86_64/objects/linux/lib/libsolvext_build.so …

… failed updating 2 targets(s)…
…skipped 5 targert(s)…
…updated 21 targets(s)…

I don’t understand BUrl class and its functions.Can you help me in understanding the same?