Haiku participation to Outreachy - Summer 2019

I am filling up the final application form for Outreachy Summer 2019 .I am facing trouble in filling it . I want to know what to write in
1.Experience with community
2.Community-specific questions
3.Outreachy internship project timeline
.Please help me sort the entire timeline.I am working on documenting the source-code and other features in Haiku.

It looks like some download failed during the build process. You need a working and stable internet access when you build Haiku because it downloads several dependencies. Remove the generated/build_packages directory, make sure you have reliable internet access, and try again.

@PulkoMandy I ran the entire process again and it compiled. Added my Name To the Credits.h. The Project says I should take a screenshot of the about system page; what do I do with this screenshot?

you need to push your changes to the Gerrit (review.haiku-os.org) and in Outreachy send the link that shows your changes https://review.haiku-os.org/q/owner:email@example.org

I’ve never used gerrit only github. Normally I would just git commit and push to the remote. should I install gerrit like git on my pc. I see the link you posted has owner:email@example.org who is owner and email address from. Is that my email address.

You don’t need any specific tools, just git.
See here: https://dev.haiku-os.org/wiki/CodingGuidelines/SubmittingPatches

I have been trying to work on this ticket and would require some guidance on the same.

I have posted my query on the comment thread. TIA.


Hi, I am interested in the idea “Implement support for Process Context Identifiers (PCID)” for GSoC, but I think the actual work would be more than just implementing PCID feature? Because the description mentions Meltdown attack, so we need to implement a dual page table like linux, then apply PCID on the “PTI-like” solution to improve performance?

Should I ask further questions here or should I just open a new post and tag is with GSoC?


It will be easier to follow the discussion in a separate post, I think.

Hello @PulkoMandy , I’d like to work on the ticket here: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/13892#comment:2
I have left a comment there.

So how Outreachy do for our $5,500? Have we got any further than adding a comment to the header file and recompiling the OS?

The selected student will be announced according to the timeline on may 6, and will start to work full-time on may 20. So the real work has not started yet.

Still, here are patches submitted by the applicants (working on their free time with no guarantees of getting selected, for now):

And there are some other work in progress changes as well.
These are small to moderate size, but enough for us to evaluate the applicant programming skills. Additionally they have each submitted a detailed proposal with their plans for the specific projects they are applying for, allowing us to see their level of understanding of the project ideas.

So far no money has been spent: the participants are evaluated every month and we decide if they can continue to work or not (as is the case for Google Summer of Code). If we decide there has not been enough work put in, the project is cancelled.