Haiku on Proxmox

Has anyone got Haiku running in Proxmox? The various hardware configurations that I have tried so far end up with Haiku getting to the red rocket and stopping.
I am sure it works in some config, since at its base Proxmox uses KVM I believe.

Sounds like the video driver it wants to use does not work, but the fallback one does. Try booting with failsafe graphics.
(either select this in the bootloader or edit the kernel settings file in the image)

Select Standard VGA when created the VM, then virtuio for network and scsi…

I just booted to desktop that way, and form some reason networking doesn’t work correctly in the nightly but otherwise it works fine. I’m getting a DHCP address and DNS set but things dont’ work right after that for some reason. (Tried Intel and Realtek emulated cards also in addition to Virtuio).

Figured that out just select Ostype = other rather than Linux and it will work networking at all. So to recap, default settings , select the ISO, select Other OS, select Standard VGA , Virtuio SCSI and Virtuio net. And it should just work. This is on the latest release version of Proxmox 7.4. Edit: upgraded to proxmox 8.0.4 and it continues to work the same.


For running Haiku in a VM, I’ve had the best luck with VMWare…and there’s a free version for non-commercial use

This worked great, thanks!
Could we get the virtualization help guide updated to maybe include this?